*Mean Jeans, time to let yourself party

so it’s like this now huh?

Im not a music reviewer, nor much of a writer, but I do love music and technically this is already written, so it is what it is.  In a landscape of too many overly hopped craft beers masquerading as something new, and bands “making art” you may find yourself lost in Portland if you remotely resemble someone craving a time past when keys were kept in your pockets and bikes were what you rode only because you didn’t have a friend who had an older brother with a license, when people hung out, met up instead of  tweeting or instafacing each other, and partying was just something you did on a Tuesday.  This, to me at least, is what the Mean Jeans, well, mean.  Why am I writing about a band?  This is a photography blog for crissakes, but the cool part about having a photography blog is all you really need to include is some photography, so I’ll do so.  I get asked occasionally how to take pictures of live performances, and all I can offer up as advice with these guys, is hold onto your camera and it wouldn’t hurt if it were waterproof either…

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*The Dark Side of Amsterdam

follow me deeper and you shall see (Pana G3 + Lumix 25mm f/1.4)

While the title may allude to a sinister, Imperial-esque characterization of a city known for many a questionable, extra curricular activity, I mean to speak quite literally.  For anyone who’s read my blog for more than a year, you may know that I travel to Amsterdam once a year on business.  Because of said business, coupled with the late time of year and Holland’s geographical placement, I rarely get to experience it in the light of day.  With a +9 hour difference to tackle, and tiring hours spent working while there, my window for photographic opportunity normally falls within about an hour and a half between when I get done working, and the inevitable collapse into a jet lagged coma that prematurely greets the end of each day.  Luckily, this year, this window happened to open while the weather was crisp, but dry as it gave me the ability to wander around, camera in hand to document a bit of my annual stay in what has become my home away from home.

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