Over the years that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been asked quite a few questions, many of which have grown into articles.  Here is a collection of various tutorials that I’ve done.  I’ll continue to update this page with new tutorials as I write them!


Wrap your subject in light – A simple, fun 4 light high key, lighting technique to flatter subjects and flatten features.  Great for nice, even, smooth skin.

Save the drama for your images.  5 clicks to better pics, using Alien Skin Exposure 7 – If you own Exposure (any version) check this quick and easy tutorial out.  Replicating a bleach bypass technique in a matter of seconds for a moodier, contrasty effect for any image.

Don’t lose your head! Composite imaging using ReMask, Clarity and Exposure – Some of my more popular posts have been my battle articles between the GX7 and EM5 where each article lead with a picture of my head replaced by these cameras.  I show you how easy it is here, although through the use of jack o’lanterns instead of cameras, but basically same thing.

Compositing People into HDR Imagery – It can be difficult to incorporate people into a true HDR image as to gain access to the full dynamic range normally requires multiple frames.  Here’s an easy trick…

Quickly and easily enhancing eyes WITH FREE PS ACTIONS – My first attempt at a screen capture tutorial showing how quick and easy it is to enhance eyes in any portrait using my downloadable photoshop actions.  A further refinement of the next (previous) eye enhancement tutorial.

The Eyes have it! – A photoshop based tutorial with various tricks to enhance eyes in a portrait.  I use these actions ALL THE TIME and I find them really useful.

Shooting Tattoos – Shooting art for true representation and recreation can be tricky, shooting three dimensional art adds even more of a challenge. How to light and shoot 3D body art.

Shooting a digital Cameo/Silhouette – A fun way to preserve memories!

Shooting the Moon! – We all know the Sunny 16 rule right?  What about the Moony 8?

Establishing and understanding Hyperfocal Distance – Ever wonder what this is, or how it’s useful?  If you’ve heard “zone focusing” but don’t know what this is, have a read.  It’s a lot easier than you may think.

HDR 101, capturing dynamic range – Understanding how to establish what the actual dynamic range of a scene is can be tricky and sometimes you need more than an auto bracket series, here are some tricks.

HDR 101, processing dynamic range – You figured out how to establish and capture the dynamic range, now here’s a few different techniques to process it into a final image.

A photographic study in light, Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn – A wonderful, dramatic and easy lighting technique.

A photographic study in color, Henri Matisse – The concept of complimentary color contrast isn’t new, but it’s nice to revisit and can really help lend a useful tool to your photographic composition.

A photographic study in composition, Antoni Gaudi – Taking cues from artistic masters to find compositional rules within their art, and apply them to photography. Rule of thirds, check.  Golden ratio, check.  Dynamic symmetry, you bet.

Adding an aged/vintage feel to your photographs – A fun way to use layers, textures and blend modes to digitally age or add visual interest in your imagery (also find free apps to create many textures from your phone’s camera below).

The 5 minute Greenberg Treatment – A quick and easy breakdown on Jill Greenberg’s popular lighting style.

Shooting Fireworks – A couple quick pointers on capturing these colorful busts of light.

RAW vs JPEG – Which to shoot, when and why.  Not quite a traditional tutorial, but figured it is a good one for reference.

Freebie Photography 101, the Exposure Trifecta; Part 1 APERTURE – This is a 3 part series that goes in depth into the three primary controlling factors that make up any single exposure.  An expansion of an original article that I wrote years ago about shooting manually.  Good for all experience levels, whether you’re just starting out, might like a brush up, or would like to learn some of the more technical aspects behind some of the more misunderstood factors, it’s broken down into beginner and intermediate sections within each of the three articles.

Freebie Photography 101, the Exposure Trifecta; Part 2 SHUTTER SPEED

Freebie Photography 101, the Exposure Trifecta; Part 3 ISO

Using phone apps to create photo textures – There are many free apps that can instantly create awesome textures which you can then overlay onto your images for a fun effect.

How to float in Photoshop – Levitation photography made easy.  Easily one of my most popular articles.

There are many more informative articles throughout the blog, but these are the more popular of the lot.  Feel free to venture through, ask questions or add to the continuing conversation.

Thanks all,


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