*Mean Jeans, time to let yourself party

so it’s like this now huh?

Im not a music reviewer, nor much of a writer, but I do love music and technically this is already written, so it is what it is.  In a landscape of too many overly hopped craft beers masquerading as something new, and bands “making art” you may find yourself lost in Portland if you remotely resemble someone craving a time past when keys were kept in your pockets and bikes were what you rode only because you didn’t have a friend who had an older brother with a license, when people hung out, met up instead of  tweeting or instafacing each other, and partying was just something you did on a Tuesday.  This, to me at least, is what the Mean Jeans, well, mean.  Why am I writing about a band?  This is a photography blog for crissakes, but the cool part about having a photography blog is all you really need to include is some photography, so I’ll do so.  I get asked occasionally how to take pictures of live performances, and all I can offer up as advice with these guys, is hold onto your camera and it wouldn’t hurt if it were waterproof either…

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