*There’s a party in ELK’s pants, and everyone is invited!

IMG_3482 - Version 2

You know how I mentioned the ELK Collective being part design firm, part art house, part back stage soiree in that other article, well, here’s what I was talking about…

Take original art, mixed with live musical performances, live painting, add alcohol and a bunch of young Portlanders, maybe cut the sleeves off of your mom’s old Prince tour tee shirt from 1983 and you end up with this, a cocktail of pure, uncut awesomeness.

First Friday turned into one of those types of evenings. ¬†With the office transformed into an art gallery, a custom light installation by JK put in mere hours before doors opened and a microphone getting support from two turntables, the party for the Ford Building’s first Friday was on.

IMG_3482 - Version 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_3484 - Version 2 IMG_3483 - Version 2 IMG_3481 - Version 2 IMG_3476 - Version 2 copy IMG_3475 - Version 2 IMG_3468 - Version 2 IMG_3467 - Version 2 IMG_3462 - Version 2 copy IMG_3460 - Version 2 IMG_3456 - Version 2 IMG_3455 - Version 2 IMG_3453 - Version 2 IMG_3447 - Version 2 IMG_3444 - Version 2 IMG_3435 - Version 2 IMG_3434 - Version 2 IMG_3431 - Version 2 ELKpano1 - Version 2 EKLpano2 - Version 2

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