The web is a veritable quandary of resource and distraction. With direction you can learn to do most anything. Here are some sites and tools that I use and visit regularly. As I come across handy websites or online tools, I will post them here. Feel free to contact me with suggestions for other sites so we can all benefit from the plethora of information on the world wide interweb. Some of these links may contain imagery and language that would upset your mother. Read on knowing that there is a large, diverse world out there, also make sure your coworkers can’t see your screen.

If you’d like, come join our new flickr group here!

The ELK Collective – More than a design firm, we’re a continuing conversation, an advancement of space and idea.  A vision can be stronger when built through a collective process.  Come visit to see what I mean.

  • Online Stores

B&H Photo and Video – If you do your shopping through B&H, I’d greatly appreciate doing so through this link.  Pricing stays the same, but I get a small commission for referenced sales.  Always competitive pricing with solid return policy and customer service.  One of two fully legitimate online camera specific stores in my opinion.

ADORAMA – Much like my B&H affiliate account, I’ve been offered an account through Adorama as well.  A great online shop with great customer service.  When shopping online, I do it at either B&H or Adorama.

  • Blogs and sites that I enjoy regularly:

Bones, Mugs & Harmony – My good friend Shelby shares her beautiful photography and witty insight with the world.

Strobist – Quick, versatile lighting for the masses. Author David Hobby brought his ‘on location’ photojournalist approach to off camera lighting and it has developed a cult following rivaling that of many small religions. Check it out if you haven’t already. Start with “Lighting 101”

Mirrorlessons – Best Mirrorless Camera Reviews, New friends Mathieu and Heather, new fun.  Check these two lovely folks out!

Ink. – A beautiful reality with the world wide web is the physical distance between any two points on the planet is covered in milliseconds by electronic connection.  Anette Hermann, my new friend, has boldly taken on a daily blog tackling subjects from photography to starting a business.  A great read, and one I do daily.

Cultor College – After discussion with a representative, I was commissioned to contribute articles from my masters series for translation into Italian to further build a database of online artistic instructional articles surrounding art theory and practice for Any Italian readers? Have a look!

Vincent Laforet’s Blog – This guy blew up with his video work using a 5DmkII. Check out his video Reverie to see why it’s cool to have video in a still shooting device.

Joey L – If you’ve not heard of Joey, you’ve probably not been hanging around strobists. A very talented and traveled photographer and I’m not sure he’s even legally able to drink yet. A source of inspiration and aspiration.

Chase Jarvis – Another young, working photographer who’s built his career through outdoor sports but recently noticed by the world for his Nikon D90 video work and iPhone photography. Don’t be fooled, he’s not a two trick pony by any stretch of the imagination.

Zach Arias – Pioneer of the one light workshop, proof that creativity and talent trump gear. He’s worth a follow on his new site Dedpxl.

  • Software, reviews, freebies, forums and gear:

PetaPixel – Another daily read with reviews and photo related articles.

Fstoppers – Yet another great resource for articles on photography and the imaging industry as a whole.

Photomatix – HDR software from HDRSoft, available for download with either a full free watermarked version, or purchased at a 15% discount using the code TRP15

Alien Skin Software – From Bokeh to Exposure, Pop-art to Blow-up, some of the most useful and creative plugins available to digital image makers today period.

DOF Master – Online depth of field calculator. Input your settings, distances and measurements and it will tell you how much of your scene will be in focus.

Preset Pond – A great resource for free Aperture and Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions as well as other free downloadable settings for other imaging software.

Digital Photography Review has articles and in depth tests of many cameras, lenses and accessories.

Fred Miranda is a good reference site for lens and camera reviews as well as forums and online used equipment sales. – A great free resource full of groups specializing in anything from gear to technique. Share your pictures with friends and family, or just peruse through imagery with a quick search.

POTN – Photography-on-the-net is a Canon based photographic forum. If you feel like nerding out about canon cameras, or need a question answered, it’s a good place to go. – A combination of forum, showcase and marketplace for photography and all other visual art. Buy, sell, see, converse and compare. – If you’re anything like my wife, you’re well versed in this modern marketplace full of a creative collection of artists, as it provides a great collection of anything from handmade and hand crafted goods to photographic and art prints for purchase or just perusal.

TWiP – This week in photo offers articles ranging from technique to gear.


The Rumor sites can be fun too. Canon, Four-Thirds, Fuji, Leica, NikonSony, Mac, Mirrorless Camera Rumors, CanonWatch, PhotoRumors and the list continues. Pretty much anything followed by seems to provide entertaining reading.

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