*Nauti Memorial Day weekend Sale, plus brand new Vector Excel QR Straps now available!


Happy Memorial Day.  Things have been crazy busy around the Robichaud camp of late, but nonetheless, we’ve got a brand new wrist strap available in the Vector Excel.  It’s the same fundamental design as the original Vector, yet it uses a thicker, wider material as well as replaces the split ring with a stainless steel quick release clasp.  For the holiday weekend, we’re offering 15% off of any and all straps we build by using the code MEM15 over at NautiStraps.com HERE.

The new Vector Excel was designed in response to inquires about a wrist strap for larger cameras, providing a more comfortable fit for heavier setups.  While it provides a comfortable option for larger cameras, it does great for smaller cams too.  Great for DSLRs, Mirrorless and compact Cams, the quick release clasp allows you to switch between straps, or remove the strap when on a tripod, in the bag, or wanting to quickly switch the strap between different cameras.

Available in 4 different colors (red/black, blue/black/orange, silver/black and solid black with 3m reflective tracer), the Excel is ready to go.  

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone stateside, and happy regular weekend to everyone else. Visit us at NautiStraps.com and use MEM15 at checkout to get 15% off of the Excell, or any of our hand built camera straps through Monday.  

Find Nauti Straps on Instagram HERE, or Facebook HERE and share your shots using the hashtag #ishootnauti for a chance to win future giveaways.

Thanks and happy shooting,



2 thoughts on “*Nauti Memorial Day weekend Sale, plus brand new Vector Excel QR Straps now available!

  1. Just to let you know, Tyson – I bought a new camera (the diminutive and beautifully built APSC-sensor-equipped compact all-in-one G1x MkIII) to replace my former pocketable APSC compacts (the list includes a Ricoh GR, a Nikon Coolpix A, and a Fujifilm X70, all fine cameras, but none of which I truly ‘bonded with’) – and based on the initial images I’m getting with it, it is definitely a keeper. (And, no, it won’t replace my GM1, which has a special place in my heart, my camera bag, and my pocket on occasion.) The G1x Mk3 is small but very very solid, built like a proverbial tank, and it wasn’t inexpensive either (Canon has priced them too high, I think, but that may change in the future) – and I wanted to get a good wrist strap, not only for daily use but also, and this is a subjective area, one which I felt was solid enough to never metaphorically let me or the camera down. And…I bought one of the Nautistraps — the Vector — and dude, it’s a truly, truly fine strap. I left a review on the nautistraps website — but just wanted to thank you, personally, for the thought and care which has gone into its design and manufacture. I truly love it. Muchas gracias, maestro!


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