*Deepest strap discount I’ve ever offered – 35% off any and everything I make at Nautistraps.com

Anyone else going a little crazy lately?  It’s an unprecedented time in our collective human history, and while I am very ready to be done with it, I also understand the huge importance of staying the course lest we set ourselves back months or possibly open this pandemic up into irreversible territory.

I know there are a lot of retail panderings as many small businesses struggle to stay afloat, and I’m one of them.  So, in that vein, I’ve decided to try and buoy the strap business by offering the deepest discount I’ve ever offered.  35% off of any handbuilt strap I make by using code “SPRINGCLEAN35” at checkout over at nautistraps.com live now.

All neck/shoulder straps, all wrist straps are included in the sale.  I’m even able to do custom stuff if so desired (and the material is available to do so).  Just hit me up at info@nautistraps.com or here through the blog.



I genuinely hope everyone is well, and while I know we will eventually get through all this, it feels rough some days, but does feel nice to kind of reconnect with a hobby and passion I’ve been missing quite a bit lately.

You can find everything at nautistraps.com and use SPRINGCLEAN35 at checkout for 35% off.

Hit me up if any need arises, and happy shooting!



4 thoughts on “*Deepest strap discount I’ve ever offered – 35% off any and everything I make at Nautistraps.com

    • Hi Richard, the split ring wrist straps are “locked” on for lack of a better term, using a 170lb steel split ring attached to the camera lug. The quick release spring clasp straps also come with a split ring which will attach to the camera’s lug, and then clip onto that ring. It’s all a matter of personal preference. I use the quick release clasps for my cameras because I switch often between different wrist and neck straps.


      • Yes, I understand the difference between split-ring and snap-ring. Snap-ring works for me. There are several models with snap-ring. How do I differentiate among those?


      • If you’re talking wrist straps, the Vector and the Cascade use the split rings (should be evident by way of the images on the site as well as the descriptions for all products) the Tommy and the Vector XL use the quick release spring clasps.


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