*Brand New, adjustable Wayfarer Strap. Comfy, elegant and on sale!!!



I get a lot of enjoyment from figuring out more efficient and elegant ways to design camera straps.  One question I’ve fielded multiple times has been the desire to see an adjustable, nautical rope shoulder strap.  The Regatta strap has done well, and has been well received, but for me, it posed two problems.  First, the adjustability.  Tricky part with rope is that there are few ways to actually allow for adjustment to length without bulky hardware.  Secondly, while it does well for rigs up to 2-2.5 lbs, after that, a single rope can become a little uncomfortable while out and about if carrying your camera for long periods of time.  Enter the brand new Wayfarer shoulder strap which remedies both of those issues, and I’m really happy with how they’ve come out.  Available in 7 different colorways, at Nautistraps.com now, you can also get them for 15% off as an introductory sale offer this week, using the code “NAUTIWAY15” at checkout.

C’mon in to see colors and learn a little bit more about the design process…

The Wayfarer is adjustable in length from 32″ to 55″ and is available in Solid Red, Black, Blue and Gray as well as a mottled Black/Red, Black/Green and Black/Blue.  The Wayfarer uses the same stainless steel, quick release clasps as I build into other straps like the Regatta, Speed and Tommy straps.  

Using a hand spliced, adjustable, locking design, the Wayfarer spreads the weight load of any camera over the two lines making it much more comfortable to carry even heavier DSLR rigs, compared to single strand line straps.

Quick length adjustments can be made to alter the carry style from over neck to across body.  

I build the first Wayfarer prototype 6 months ago and have used it daily since.  The only sign of wear is that it has become softer and more comfortable as it ages.  I have had many out to fellow photographers being tested since and have refined the final lengths to provide a greater range of use.

I’m really happy with, and proud of the new design.  I personally hand build the Wayfarer Strap using nautical splicing and tapering techniques, finished with a heavy gauge sailmaker’s thread via a lock whipping, as are all of my straps.

Great for any size camera from compact through DSLR, and available for the next week for 15% off.  As always, free shipping within the US and a flat $10 rate anywhere outside of the US via the US Postal Service.

See the new Wayfarer Strap HERE.

Use the code “NAUTIWAY15” to get 15% off through Monday, June 19th.

If you have any questions, fire them off in the comments or email me directly at info at nautistraps.com.

Find Nauti Straps on Instagram HERE #ishootnauti

Thanks all and happy shooting,


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