*Social media giveaway! Be one of the first to get a brand new TRP Vector camera strap #trpcamerastraps


The new TRP Vector straps are low profile, lightweight wrist straps made from blended, 24 plait braided line utilizing high end materials like Vectran, Cordura and high tenacity Polyester.  Strength, style, fashion and function.  Used in high performance, professional sailing, this rope is built to last.  I personally, hand build each and every strap, and I’ve been testing these for the last 6 months.  They’re dialed.  The brand new, Vector straps will be released next week, and for a chance to win one, shipping included, I’m going to try something newish (for me and the blog anyway).  

We’ve done a giveaway with each of the other straps, and this time, I wanted to also start up bit of a reward for helping me get the word out, guerrilla marketing style.  Being that I hand build each and every strap myself, I want to do my best to keep costs as low as I can to both make enough money for this whole venture to make sense, but to keep the delivered price as low as possible to make sense for you as well.  The more I can sell, the more I can invest, etc, etc.  Kind of my own kickstarter so to speak, except you don’t have to put money in to get this going, I’ve already done that.

The idea here is getting the word out, and figuring out a way to reward those who help me do that.  Here’s what I’m thinking…

Vector Straps

Seeing as social media is essentially a free way to move and share information, I wanted to use a keyword/tag to track mentions and the like.  I also want to keep track of these mentions, as well as any referenced sales so as to reward those helping me spread the gospel.  Here’s my two pronged approach…  If you tag me on Facebook and mention the straps, or if you mention me on twitter @photosbytyson and mention #trpcamerastraps, I’ll jot you down for an entry for each post.  A picture showing any one of my straps on one of your cameras via any social media (as long as I’m tagged and will be alerted so that I know it exists) gets you another entry into the drawing.  For each mention, I’ll add you into the drawing.  At the end of the week, I’ll draw three names from all the submissions and send those three a brand new Vector strap in your choice of color, free delivery, the whole enchilada.

Share this article via the “Share” buttons at the bottom of the article, and, mention me (twitter: @photosbytyson, Facebook: “Tyson Robichaud Photography”, Instagram: “tysonrobichaud” and use the hashtag #trpcamerastraps) so that I can find you and I’ll add your name once for each mention, tag or tweet.  Also, if you already own one of my straps, share a picture and tag me and mark it #trpcamerastraps and you’ll get another entry.  I’ll retweet, repost and re-promote these as well, anywhere I can.

Now, to take it a bit further, and as a new approach to this I would be interested in setting up a reference program.  If you refer three people, who purchase straps, or one person purchasing three (or any combo to add up to at least three straps sold) and they let me know you’ve referred them by including your name and email address, I will personally build and send you a custom strap of your choice, free of charge, anywhere in the world.  Let your friends and family know that it will help you out, and know that it helps me continue to do this on a bit of a shoestring budget. 

To tally up references, ask your friends and family to include your first and last name, and email address (so that I can contact you when you rack up three references and qualify to receive a free new strap) when they order a camera strap.  I’ll keep track of these referrals and let you know when you’re due a free, custom strap after 3 referred sales.

Find the current camera strap offerings on the TRP Camera Strap page HERE!

If you have a website that you think would be able to reach an audience that might be interested in hand built, custom wrist straps, contact me!  While I currently have little to no money for advertising as I’ve invested in materials to get this going, I would love to discuss trades, and/or referenced commissions for sales.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has supported me by buying and promoting my hand built straps in the past.  I greatly appreciate the communal spirit, and hope to continue to build high quality, fun and unique camera straps.

While the Vector itself isn’t officially on sale until next week, I’ve also been designing and testing my first neck straps as well.  Stay tuned for those!

Happy shooting,



9 thoughts on “*Social media giveaway! Be one of the first to get a brand new TRP Vector camera strap #trpcamerastraps

  1. I have a couple of your straps and will buy one of these when you start selling them. I would really like a shoulder strap made of the same material.


    • I’m actually in the process of prototyping some neck/shoulder straps. It’s a bit trickier with yachting rope as length adjustment is next to impossible (I’m trying, unsuccessfully so far), and have been looking at nice finishing methods and hardware which are all proving to be both laborious and somewhat expensive. I may offer a straight forward strap to start and go from there, so stay tuned 🙂


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