*Strap it on. Newly updated Garda Wrist Strap Giveaway and brand new Ultralite strap!


Hi all.  Firstly, let me say thank you to everyone who has purchased my hand built wrist straps over the last 6 months.  I’ve continued to tinker with the design, combined with feedback I’ve eliminated the need to decide between a standard or large size instead opting for one singular size that now incorporates a cinch ring.  The original 10mm Black and 8mm Green continue, and I’ve added another 8mm in Blue as well as the new 6mm Red.

Come on in to see more, and find out how to enter to win a free Garda Wrist Strap!

P1070138 - Version 2

*New and available now, my new 6mm Red Garda Ultra-Lite strap.  One request I’d had was to make a strap that could fit more easily in smaller strap lug openings.  The 2mm white, solid dyneema core on the original 8mm and 10mm straps is remarkably strong, but is a little large considering some of the smaller camera strap lug holes, especially in many compact cameras.  Enter the new ultra-lite.  The thin blue core line is a 1mm dyneema/polyester dual braid line.  Very strong for its size and very, very light weight.  Combined with the smaller diameter 6mm braided strap, it makes for a very light weight and low profile camera wrist strap.

The ultra-lite strap is perfect for point and shoots, high end fixed lens compacts (Fuji X100s, Ricohs, etc), and smaller MILCs (like the GMs, EPMs, Nikon 1’s, etc).  I use one on my GM1 and it is great.

P1120962 (1)

The 10mm Black is great for most any camera, but I find it fits best with DSLRs or larger MILC cameras.  The 8mm Green and Blue straps are wonderful for anything from compacts through DSLRs but I feel best fit the mid sized system cameras or smaller DSLRs.  The 6mm Red goes small and light for setups that are best suited by a lower profile strap.

You can learn more about my materials, my hand building process and order them directly from the T&T page HERE or by going to the top of the page and clicking on the T&T Camera Straps link, plus you can see a video on how I make them, and then how strong they are by watching me hang from one of them.  As a disclaimer, the newer core line used in the 6mm Red strap does not have the same break rating, and while plenty strong enough to handle cameras and lenses, it will not take a large human like myself hanging from it, so please don’t try to do that with the new ultra-light strap.



Prices for the 8mm and 10mm are still $30 delivered or $36 outside of the USA delivered.

The new 6mm Hyperlite Garda straps are $27 delivered or $33 delivered outside of the USA.

To purchase, you can paypal me the correct amount (to: “trobichat1@yahoo.com”), let me know which color you’d like and give me a shipping address and I’ll have one built and shipped within a day.

The sale of these wrist straps goes to supporting this site and in cases feeding my kiddos.  They, and I appreciate it.  I guarantee the straps construction for 120 days.  If there’s anything wrong with the strap over this time period, I will repair or replace it for you.  I have had my original straps (built a year and a half or more ago) on my cameras and not one of them has shown anything outside of normal wear and tear, so I feel confident that these will last a long, long time and build them to do so.

Because of the fibers used and their abrasion, uv resistance and absorption properties, they will not break down, nor become subject to UV or moisture degradation like leather or polyester straps.  This line is built for a beating in the open ocean and unless you enjoy throwing your camera into wood chippers, you should be fine.

Here’s what a few Garda Strap owners have had to say so far:


“Ive used many wrist straps in my time but the Garda Strap from Tyson Robichaud Photography is something a bit special…First off you notice that due to the straps thickness the weight of your camera is better distributed across the wrist, giving the illusion of a lighter camera, perfect for the long shooting sessions and all-dayers…Secondly, this thing is as strong as an ox; if you watch the video on the t&t section you’ll see that the super strong Dyneema runs through the core of this strap…In conclusion, this strap looks cool as hell but more importantly has the strength to provide real security and peace of mind. I can’t recommend this highly enough.”


“Loved it…. thanks!”


“Received the strap and hooked it onto my NEX7 the day I got it – looks and feels awesome. Quality is great, there’s nothing like a hand-made product produced with care. Thanks so much, I hope you continue to have good interest in it!”



“The T&T Camera strap is flat out awesome. It’s well made and fits me like a glove. Hands down; it’s a great strap. As soon as I get my next camera, I’ll order one for it as well. Good stuff Tyson; good stuff indeed. Thanks!”

As always, if you’d like to share your experience and a picture of your Garda Strap in use, email them to me and I’ll post them on the T&T page with links to your website, flickr page or wherever you’d like.  I will always strive to grow our photographic family and the connections within it.  I continue to glean insight and inspiration from all you crazy folks and want to help do that for as many of us that we can reach.  Let’s increase our digital footprint through sharing and collaborating.

Okay, for those who have made it all the way down here, as a reward, I’ll be giving away three more straps just as I did when I first announced them.  Doesn’t matter where in the world you are, I’ll pay to get it to you.   Last time we had winners in the UK, another to Portugal and one in the states.  You get your name entered once for each submission as follows:

  1. Comment below.
  2. Comment over on the Facebook Page mentioning the “Garda Strap”
  3. Mention the #trpgardastrap giveaway on Twitter and tag me (@photosbytyson)
  4. Do all three and get a fourth entry!


For the last giveaway, I think we had about 50 individuals submit with about 125 total submissions.  Odds aren’t horrible…

I will draw the three names next Friday, September 5th, so stay tuned.  We’re also about to do a 6 month vote and giveaway for the Monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenges as well, so if you’ve not yet participated in that, join up!  It’s free and a good way to share your photography with a very large, and continually growing community here, over on Mirrorlessons and our Flickr groups.

For us little guys trying to make it in this crazy corporate landscape that is the photography industry, we need to use all the free tools and guerrilla marketing possible, so I appreciate the help and in turn will look to continually find ways to help network and spread the love.

Thanks all and happy shooting!




21 thoughts on “*Strap it on. Newly updated Garda Wrist Strap Giveaway and brand new Ultralite strap!

  1. Nice looking product Tyson…and appreciate your attention to detail…i think the different sizes ( diameters ) is a great thing to offer us…many wrists straps come in one size…for me either too big or too small….I have a small pudgy hand…yet have a difficult time using some large sized wriststraps…I think your refining and adding a cinch is a good way to go .



  2. Hi Tyson,

    Your Garda Strap looks great and especially tough, having just watched your YouTube video! Which one would suit a Panasonic GM1 with a heavy Voigtlander 17.5mm (which I assume will also take the Panasonic 15mm easily since that’s a light lens)? Even if I don’t win your prize draw, I might consider getting one (wife permitting) 🙂



  3. I like the cinch ring on the new Garda Strap, which gives the wrist strap a sleeker profile. Love the regular blog entries, too.


  4. Hey Tyson, FYI, stupid Twitter keeps giving the error message below, so sorry couldn’t post it up for you there:

    “This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later.”


    • Now you’re thinking! I can also custom build one with a slightly longer core/loop if you feel it would be easier to have a little more room to operate with an underwater housing. This line is designed to be in salt (and any) water… Hmmm, maybe I should be marketing this as a scuba strap!

      Thanks Graham and let me know.




  5. These straps look so much better than other options available… It looks so much more casual to have this band than to have the bands that say the brand really big and bold or even other bands that just look boring… Great mix of function, form, and style.


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