*Have you been on the fence? GX7 on super sale.

Lumix GX7

Adorama has started to offer the GX7 (body only) with a bunch of freebies or gift card for $300 off the normal price.  Now, I don’t have a crystal ball, and I don’t know if this is somehow a precursor to a newer camera, but even if it is, this is a killer deal on what I feel is the best all around micro 4/3 camera out right now.

Let me clarify that last statement.  I don’t mean to say there aren’t better performing micro 4/3 cameras in ways.  The GH4 is the benchmark right now, but costs a lot.  The EM1 has some bells and whistles, but also, costs a lot more than the GX7.  Neither of these two is anywhere near as compact as the GX7 is, and as you may have read, I feel the GX7 does really, really well against the EM5/10’s or EP’s of the world in my opinion.

Find the GX7 with a bunch of stuff for $697 at Adorama HERE

Find the GX7 with a $100 Adorama Gift Card for $697 HERE

The GX7 deals are listed through 10/4.  If you’d like to read more on why I feel this is the best current overall micro 4/3 camera, hit the links to my review articles below:

GX7 vs EM5 Battle for my affection Part 1 (IBIS, EVF’s and LCD’s)

GX7 vs EM5 Battle for my affection Part 2 (Build Quality and Ergonomics)

GX7 vs EM5 Battle for my affection Part 3 (User Interface, IQ, features and the final decision)

GX7, an Evolution Part 1

GX7, an Evolution Part 2

GX7 vs GM1

Adorama is also offering a $300 rebate off of the GH3.  I’ve never used the GH3 aside from a few shots here and there so I cannot give a personal endorsement, but I do feel it has gained a good reputation for a reason.

It’s currently $797 and can be purchased with a $50 gift card and 4% reward, a $100 gift card or alone without one which is odd, but you can see all 3 deals on Adorama for the GH3 HERE if that floats your boat, and these deals look set to expire on 9/13.

I don’t normally do this type of post, but I do field a lot of questions, emails and various social media inquiries about cameras and the GX7 is one that I feel has been the best mirrorless camera I’ve yet used and with the current deals, is an absolute steal in my opinion.  The Adorama links are in fact attached through my affiliate account there and would give me a small commission which will in turn be used to purchase more stuff to shoot and review on the blog, so I thank you in advance for the consideration and I hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer (or winter depending on where you may be reading from).


Thanks all and happy shooting!


9 thoughts on “*Have you been on the fence? GX7 on super sale.

  1. I traded my GH3, before the value dropped too far, in anticipation of the GH4. I still don’t have the GH4, but I’ve had the E-M1 for a couple of months. It’s a good camera body for the price, although too small for its being the replacement for the E-5.

    I saw the deal on the GX7 earlier, as well as a rumor that a GM2 with IBIS would replace the GM1 and GX7. This goes with Panasonic’s statement that it wanted to minimize the number of camera bodies. The IBIS coincides with Tamron’s statement that they wouldn’t add optical IS to their micro Four-Thirds lens.

    There is also a deal on the GM1 with a $100 Adoroma gift card, if you look closely for it. Unfortunately, the GH4 is out of stock again. It may be a while before I get mine.


  2. this is a great buy…I don’t have it…I have an E-M1…but always thought the GX7 was a great little camera…from my understanding the GM2 will replace the GX7…which has been discontinued in some markets already


    • The reports of “discontinuation” seem to be sporadic and market specific with many of those retailers incorrectly listing it as discontinued to only put it back to in stock status later.

      I’m not convinced that the rumors are true. I’m sure we’ll see a GM2 before we see a GX8, but I don’t see how Panasonic could feasibly combine these two platforms without seriously compromising both.


    • Krixoff, and as kind of a continuation to SLF above,

      I think that instead of a merging of these two lines, we will see the GM2 become more full featured to test the waters in hopes that Panasonic will be able to satisfy both the GM and GX crowds, which in my opinion they will not. There’s nothing saying that a year down the road, they can’t release a GX8 and just try not to launch it against a camera like it did with the EM1. The key to success for the GX line is going to need to offer more for less. I know this sounds like a fanboi’s pipe dream, but I think PanOly will need to continue to chip away by offering better bang for the buck. Look at Sony! If only they had half a mind to build their lens catalog, their cameras offer a huge amount of feature for the price, so it can, and arguably should be done.

      Keep the GM small and by all means add features with all the rumored additions being just about what I’d pined for in my review of the GM1. I see the GM line becoming essentially what the GF line should have been, and could have been Panasonic’s plan all along. Create some new buzz with the release of the smallest large sensor ILC ever and then start to add back the features it stripped away from the GF/GX lines. It’s like a new lease on life for the GF line in my opinion.

      After that, the GX and G lines could and should perhaps be merged. What that should be is a weather sealed, fully featured yet slightly video codec hindered mid range. Better EVF, etc.

      I really see the need for at least three models and if I ruled the world, they’d be something along these lines…

      The GM (GF line shrunk and then given steroids) satisfies the size reduction needs. Add IBIS (to all friggin models), dumbed down 4k video, small evf with size reduction and low price point as the main focuses.

      The G/GX hybrid lineup offers a more ergonomic, full feature model for those needing/wanting a bit more bulk for handleability and external features albeit with slightly dumbed down 4k video so as not to cannibalize the GH line. Weather seal it and keep it in the sub $800 range. This would be my perfect mirrorless setup (basically a GX7 with weather sealing). A rugged still shooter with good (not indy film making) video features.

      The GH line will continue to kill it as long as they’re challenging the big boys on the video front. Keep it a stills capable machine with high end video features and Panasonic will continue to lead in this realm. If pricing can come back down to where the GH2/3 was on launch, even better as I’d imagine it will eventually because 4K will be available in smart phones within two years I’m sure.

      The big losers right now are the Nikanons trying to justify a $3000+ price tag for a machine that in most ways is hindered video/hybrid wise to the GH4’s of the landscape. Full frame still has it’s benefits, without doubt in my opinion, but again, the price points are going to drive growth or doom them I feel.

      I really do not feel that any camera company should charge more than a previous model for incremental upgrades. Even 4k video is going to be so common that it should not justify huge price jumps which should become evident with this new GM if in fact it does have 4K. So few of us will actually use, or even have the hardware to handle that right now that it is largely surplus, but has and will continue to become common which should remove any company’s ability to charge a premium if they want to stay competitive.

      Just my two and a half cents 🙂

      I’m excited to see what the GM2 will be, but in no way do I feel they actually mean it to replace the GX, just merely hold Panasonic over until it knows what to do with the GX line or whatever they may call it next. To try to combine the two lines would be to eliminate what is great for both, and I don’t think Panasonic is that stupid.

      We shall see though…

      Sorry for the diatribe 😉




      • I agree tyson on this, I have felt the lines of the g and gx have been blurred ever since the introduction of the integrated eff into the gx family (gx7).

        I hadn’t considered the GM a replacement for the GF but that makes a lot of sense.

        after using the gx7 for a little while now I can say its a kickass camera and will continue to be, whether it gets discontinued now or later.

        if I were on the fence in US id have jumped right off and bought one


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