*More Free Filters for Topaz Adjust!


 – Retro Style V –

If you missed it, Topaz is offering their popular plugin Adjust for half off through the month of August.  I’ve already shilled for it, but this morning I got the Topaz newsletter which included 20 new, free presets for Adjust users.  I’ve downloaded and played around with them and they’re a great bundling of retro/vintage filters.  I ran this portrait through each of them and I’m impressed with more than a few.  If you’ve not yet checked out Adjust, you can download the full trial for free HERE (click on ‘buy adjust’ and find the trial link at the bottom of the page).  If you want to purchase it, you can do so HERE and enter “augadjust” to get it for 50% off (now $25 through the end of the month).  If you do choose to buy it, or already have it and didn’t get the newsletter, might I suggest going to the Topaz Newsletter HERE to download the 20 new, free filters (button at the top right) and follow the easy instructions to add them to your library of filters for Adjust (at the bottom of the article).  Come on in to see more versions, showing a few more of these cool filters.



– Original –

For reference, directly above is my original, non altered image which I just recently used in the Project Runway Post.  The lead image at the top used the filter “Retro Style V” and I’ll include the filters used below each image, in Topaz Adjust, for reference.


– Periwinkle –


– Split Tone VII –


– Deep Saffron –


– Celeste –

These were my favorites for this shot, and of course there are 15 more included in the freebies.  Thanks to Darcy and Topaz for continuing to provide free embellishments to their already reasonably priced plugins.

Visit Topazlabs to see what they have going on and stay posted for future sales and reviews here on the blog.

Thanks and happy shooting everyone!



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