*Monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenge #6; “Animals”

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.55.04 AM

“Fenton in the Morning Dew” by Graham Gibson (visit Graham HERE)

Welcome to our 6th monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenge.  For those new to the family, in collaboration with Heather and Mathieu from MirrorLessons, we have facilitated a monthly, photographer driven challenge where the winner each month gets to choose the next theme.  The theme this month, as chosen by last month’s winner Graham, is “Animals.”  Interpret that however you would like, use whichever gear you would like to capture an image with, and submit that image to the theme threads in both the TRP Flickr Group thread and the Mirrorlessons Flickr Group thread.

Submissions will be accepted until Sunday, August 31st at which time Heather, Mat and myself will choose our three favorites and put them up for a vote.

This being our 6th challenge, we will be taking all 6 monthly winners (this current cycle included) and putting them up against each other for a Champion of Champions giveaway with the image receiving the most votes getting something sent to them on behalf of myself, Heather and Mat for all the participation and inspiration we’ve seen generated through these last 6 months.

So get to it!  Everyone is invited to submit an image to both flickr groups with the winner showcased on both this site and Mirrorlessons as well.

Happy shooting everyone,


2 thoughts on “*Monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenge #6; “Animals”

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