*The Hits Keep Rolling! Last day for Topaz sale and Alien Skin releases Snap Art 4!


While I usually become ill with all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday hoolabaloo ushering in a season of pure consumerism while we’re still recovering from the Thanksgiving celebrations, I find myself somewhat internally conflicted as I do find benefit to some of the deals on offer.  I’m a bit of an opportunist and in many ways like to save money when I spend it, if that makes sense.  I like to buy winter clothes in the spring and then shorts and tee shirts in the fall when everything is being pushed out to make way for a slightly different version of that which it replaces at twice or three times the price a few months down the road.

Enter the current software deals.  As I’d mentioned this last weekend, Topaz is offering everything they’ve got at nearly 50% off ($199 for 14 awesome plugins) and today is the last day.  Go to TopazLabs here and enter “blackfriday2013” to get the discount.  So if you’ve been waiting here’s a good chance to sneak in a deal on DeNoise (amazing), ReMask (awesome), Adjust (staple), Clarity (absolutely killer) or any of the other wonderful Topaz plugins.

On top of that, Alien Skin has just released Snap Art 4 (which I will have the full review up tomorrow or so) and they are offering any and all of their plugins at a 30% discount via AlienSkin.com until this Friday the 6th.

Happy holiday shopping season everyone, while a little crazy, it can be advantageous for those of us that have needed these tools in our post processing tool kits.

All the best and happy shooting,


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