*Alien Skin Snap Art 4, Instant digital painting effects

As seen above, Alien Skin has released Snap Art 4, featuring an example image from yours truly!  I am a big fan of the Alien Skin plugins and with this new release, they’ve continued to refine one of their most unique offerings.

the trail head

Painting has never been so easy.  With their most recent release, Alien Skin has yet again upped the ante on creative digital photography plugins.  Snap Art 4 provides many jumping off points and the final result can vary between a single click, or as much time as you’d like to throw at a painted rendition of your digital image.  The use of improved masks and even more creative controls, Snap Art 4 builds on what was already a powerful and fun tool.  C’mon in to see more examples and info…

The sun sets

I have always enjoyed paintings.  I grew up with my mom doing quite a bit of it and for whatever reason, that particular skill set just didn’t seem to genetically find me.  It hasn’t stopped me from trying various digital variations through photography and software though.  I’ve attempted to learn Corel’s painter, which is an amazing program but takes about as much time to learn as Photoshop.  I’ve tried other quick stop, one click plugins that have been fun, but never really provided the quality I had hoped for, until I stumbled across Snap Art a few years ago.  A plugin that impressed me has just gotten better, and that is a really cool thing.

just between us

Offering a variety of mediums from pen and ink to impasto, oil paint to watercolor, you can start with a preset and manipulate and mask to your hearts content.  The light direction adjustments have gotten more detailed by allowing not only the angle to be adjusted, but the direction and highlight color as well.  Much like Alien Skin’s Exposure 5, the layout and interface have changed considerably from the previous version.  This is a great thing in my experience as it is truly tailored to work seamlessly with other software, and provides a very comfortable, familiar layout with presets on the left and your controls on the right via collapsable panels and accessed via a scroll as opposed to the previous tabs for the different panels in version 3.

Screen Shot

The masking is easy, quick and remarkably efficient.  By painting a mask into the image, you can manipulate what that area looks like within the Masked Areas panel.  I have been using this to add just a little more realism back into images in the way of focal points, faces, eyes, etc.

ferry ride

Alien Skin’s Snap Art 4 is available through Alien Skin’s website for $99, or as an upgrade for existing Snap Art owners for $69.  Free upgrades will be automatically sent to everyone who purchased Snap Art 3 directly from Alien Skin Software in August 2013 or later. ***If looking to save a little coin, ALL Alien Skin Plugins are on sale for 30% off until this Friday, December 6th!

Click HERE to go to Alien Skin’s Website to see more on Snap Art 4 and their other awesome plugins.

System requirements for, and host applications able to run the Snap Art 4 plugin are as follows:

Snap Art 4 may be used as a standalone program or a plug-in. When it is used as a plug-in it requires one of the following host applications:

Adobe Photoshop CS6, or CC
Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 or newer
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 or newer
Apple Aperture 3 or newer

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows users need Windows 7 or newer.
Apple Macintosh users need Mac OS X 10.8 or newer.
An Intel Core 2 processor or compatible is required.
A monitor with 1280×768 resolution or greater is required.

As always, I’d suggest at least downloading a free trial, give it a spin and see what you can do with it!

on lopez

Thanks for the read and happy shooting,


5 thoughts on “*Alien Skin Snap Art 4, Instant digital painting effects

  1. Stuff looks great. Not really an effect I tend to use but the results are very good!

    On another note, I recently got myself a Surface Pro and using Lightroom on that is really good. Admittedly its a touch smaller but using its Wacom Pen is great. Especially for the brush tool which I can now get perfect. I plan on picking up a monitor for some stuff that needs a keener eye but so far, this has made sofa editing amazing.


    • It’s amazing what cool stuff can be accomplished with new tech. I had always loved the idea of the Wacom Cintiq screen tablets, but they run like $2700 or something. Having a tablet offer a similar skill set at a fraction of the price, AND function as its own device on top of that is just awesome. Exciting times 🙂


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