*Holiday Topaz Super Sale!

If you’ve been waiting for a particular Topaz Plugin to go on sale, consider this…  The entire collection, like every single plugin they currently offer, is available for $199 from Friday November 29th through December 2nd.  Click here and use code “blackfriday2013” to get every plugin for nearly half off.  In my opinion, Topaz offers four plugins that are unparalleled and a couple others that have proven to be useful and really fun.  I’ve been using, and have reviewed many of these over the years so feel free to have a read via the links below.


Topaz DeNoise5 – The best noise reduction software I’ve ever used, period.  The example shot above was shot at ISO 6400 and didn’t look like that before hand 🙂  Normally $79.99


Topaz Clarity – Whether you use it simply as a quick and easy sharpening and contrast enhancement for any image, or as a final polishing step for HDR imagery like myself, I’ve not seen a one click plugin offer as much for so little in a final product.  Normally $49.99

topaz adjust

Topaz Adjust – Probably the most popular plugin that Topaz has created, garnering a following that ranges from landscape shooters to HDR aficionados to studio pros.  Normally $49.99

HalloweenReMask Topaz

Topaz ReMask – Holy S*$!  For anyone who spends any time in Photoshop, whether you have yet to try masking out a subject yet or like me have spent hours doing it on a single image, this plugin is worth its weight in freaking gold.  Just amazing.  Normally $69.99

On top of that, you get ReStyle (cool cross processing effects)B&W Effects, Clean (awesome Fractalius like effects or effective skin smoothing), Lens Effects, Detail, Simplify, InFocus, Star Effects, DeJPEG and photoFXlab which if purchased individually would add up to $770, and normally get a discount down to $379.99 if buying the complete collection.

I highly suggest considering this deal if you A) don’t own and B) seem interested in more than 3 or 4 of these plugins.  It is a really great deal.  You can download trial versions, purchase single plugins or the whole collection via Topazlabs.com HERE and if you use code “blackfriday2013” you get the discount until Monday December 2nd.

Happy holidays to everyone and I hope this time of year finds everyone in good heath and spirits.  Happy shooting and thanks for the read.



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