*Shooting Smallwares/Barwares for the ELK Collective

Barwares PDX

Another space designed and executed by the ELK Collective and while it is an older project that has been done for a while now, it was skipped over for some reason on my part.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to enjoy this space a few times now and it inspired me to giving it it’s own little blurb.  C’mon in…

Barwares PDX Bar

Boasting a Restaurant of the Year runner up in Portland’s annual Willamette Week Restaurant Guide (kinda a big deal), this self proclaimed “inauthentic asian” restaurant provides a unique menu and lovely environment in which to enjoy the nourishment (try the fried cale with candied bacon or Portland’s original Chicken Lolipops, they’re both amazing).  The average dish hovers around 10 bucks, and it is set up to share a variety of choices, all of which I’ve tried have been wonderful.  The brainchild of chef and owner, Johanna Ware has come through it’s developmental stage with flying colors.  The food is delicious, the drinks are great, and if you’re a fan of having a drink on a couch, you may choose to watch a cult classic on the projector in the bar, no big deal.

Separated into two specific and differing areas of the restaurant, the front, Smallwares, is decidedly Asian Diner for the whole family, while Barwares plies it’s trade in the darker, more adult back room complete with signature cocktails, beer wine and a selection of sake.  If you’re in Portland, or ever stop through you could certainly do worse than eating at Portland’s second best restaurant 🙂

This was one of ELK’s first full scale projects and was the very first that I shot for the collective.  Filled with roughly worked woods and concrete, it shows the sheer possibility when working with a theme from the ground up.

Come say hello to us over at the ELK Collective’s website.

Located at 4605 NE Fremont Street in Portland, visit Smallwares HERE, and if you stop in, say hi to Johanna for us.

Smallwares PDX

Happy shooting,



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