*Topaz Adjust, on sale in all its popular image enhancing glory!

topaz adjust

What may be seen by many Topaz plugin users as the quintessential Topaz offering, Topaz Adjust is being offered for 50% off through the end of September.  Using coupon code “septadjust” you can get what is probably Topaz most useful and popular plugin for $24.99, or apply the same discount code from the complete collection for a $25 discount!!!  This was the very first plugin from Topaz that I ever bought, I paid full price, and I’m still thrilled with it.  I use many of the Adjust filters as layers in my imagery, and particularly to enhance my HDR interior shots that I use for my grow’d up photography (you can click the above before/after comparison to see what a single click can do).  It is extremely cheap for the power it provides.  It can be used for nice, subtle detail enhancement, full blown surreality or anything in-between.  Visit Topaz Labs website HERE to try or buy this awesome plugin.

8 thoughts on “*Topaz Adjust, on sale in all its popular image enhancing glory!

      • I shall keep my eyes peeled, although I’m sure you’ll give us all a heads up. Thanks, i used to live in soton for a year for work and have a few friends down there i like to visit as its only a few hrs trip from the west midlands where i live!


      • That I will 🙂

        I have friends/business associates that live in Hill Head, so I’ve gotten to spend a little time in Southampton and Portsmouth. (quite) A few years back I also got to go to St Mary’s to see So’ton play Chelsea which was a great time.


      • Very cool. I’ve got a little weekend away with the family down Portsmouth come November. Cant wait. Love visiting the south. So cool you’ve visted these places. If you get over again soton way, try and twist an arm to visit bournmouth for a nice British beachfront! In other news, G5 sold and gx1 plus 1442 X Vario purchased. Awaiting arrival now. Ive read reviews regarding Power Zoom being a bit cruddy but for the extra £30 worth having in my book.


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