*All Alien Skin Plugins are 50% off until the end of the month!



If you’ve been waiting for an Alien Skin software sale, now may very well be the time.  I’ve not ever seen them offer any more than 50% (I don’t even remember seeing a half off sale in the past!) so it is as good as I’ve seen it!

I like the AS plugins a lot, and have been absolutely loving the new Exposure 5.  You can read my take on some of their plugins via the links below, and you can buy any of these directly from AlienSkin.com (click here). I get no kickbacks from Alien Skin, and have no monetary incentive to sell their plugins, I just really enjoy using them and for those who may also be interested, it won’t get much cheaper than this.  Go get you some.

Exposure 5, the best gets better

Bokeh 2, blur it out

Snap Art 3, release your inner artist

2 thoughts on “*All Alien Skin Plugins are 50% off until the end of the month!

  1. Hey Tyson, hows it going? looks like a great piece of kit, i love that it functions as a standalone also. May have to invest. I’ll see if there is a little trial to play with. Also, purchased the G5. Managed to part ex the G3 and get G5 body only as didn’t need to other lens. Wow, glad i did, theyve really done a great job on this. Love the new engine evf seems clearer than the G3, fits Lil more snug in my hand (though i never had a problem with the g3). Some of the quirky scenes and art bits are fun but, can def see a slight improvement in noise reduction. Anyway,haven’t had a proper play yet, weekend coming in going down to London to put it through its paces, cant wait.

    Hope you and the family are well



    • Hey Chris,

      Yeah, I really like Exposure and Exp5 is dope. For 50% off it’s a really good deal in my opinion.

      Congrats on the G5. I’m thinking of grabbing a G6 once it starts to drop (which should be within about 6 months or so if history tells us anything), but I feel the G series is Pana’s sweet spot. A lot of camera for a reasonable price, especially when they start to give them away like they have been doing with the G3 and now the G5.

      Hope it treats you well!




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