*Share the bokeh, share the love.

While at times my blog has dropped a few pegs in the daily pecking order of demands on my attention and immediacy of my prioritization, it has continued to be a vehicle for networking and international friend making.   The connections and conversations have proven to exceed my expectations and I wanted to take a moment to thank the folks who have helped not only promote my ramblings, but help me grow as a photographer and fledgling digital artist…

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*A thank you to many, or, why I think the internet is cool.

I do feel that you are neat. If you are reading this, it is meant for you.

First, thank you.  To those of you who’ve been visiting, reading and commenting and those who have been linking me to their blogs, articles, allowing me to guest blog for you, re-posting my blog posts, and generally helping each other out, thank you.  If you are here, reading this, I mean you.

The internet is an amazing tool for information gathering.  Sometimes that information can be challenged and in some cases, just downright wrong, but the fact that it is a tool that enables all of us to provide the dialogue, has gone a long way in helping me in a variety of ways.  I wanted to take the opportunity to thank a few of the folks who’ve helped my blog gain a little exposure and hope to be able to turn a few of my new friends onto their sites as well.  Many of the links below may be well known to many of us, others perhaps not, but regardless, I find a lot of value in these sites and hope that others may as well if you don’t already…

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*A big Thank You to Eric at Photography Bay!

Eric Reagan from Photography Bay was looking for guest bloggers as he was taking an ‘easier’ week (any readers know how much time they spend on content over there), and as luck would have it, he decided to graciously use my submission.  Thank you to Eric and the PB team for featuring my post on complimentary color.  As my blog is just starting to get some legs underneath it and attempting to crawl from its infancy, I have been amazed by the community and camaraderie issued by so many other photographers and blog authors.  I hope to be able to contribute a bit from time to time and if able, provide a bit of promotion to other hard working photogs.  For those who’ve stumbled upon me here from PB, thanks for stopping by and I hope that I am able to provide a little reading and insight.  Please feel free to stop back by as I’ve got a few goodies coming up and hope to soon have a comprehensive catalog of tips, techniques, reviews and easy to follow tutorials helping all of us become better photographers, myself included fingers crossed.   Thanks again Eric, your generosity offering those of us, that don’t have the readership that your site has, the opportunity is much appreciated.  And, for my readers that don’t already know about and follow Photography Bay, I’d certainly suggest it, I stop by every day and enjoy the insight it provides.

Happy shooting all.