*Mirrorless mania, or just another brick in the wall?

I had a read through mirrorless rumors today as I do most everyday and saw that there was an article posted regarding Canon’s recent ideas on a mirrorless system.  Having been a fan and user of the micro 4/3 system as my mirrorless system to date, it had me questioning what I’d like to see in a Canon system.  My thoughts may be off base, but c’mon in if you’re interested…

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*Thank you 4/3 Rumors!

The folks at 43rumors.com were nice enough to link my review of the Panasonic GF1 from their website.  Stop by and say hello to them.  They, much like myself, are just working stiffs doing it for the love of photography.  Support the little guy when you can and if you are interested, by buying a camera through the links to Adorama, Amazon, B&H and the like from their website, you help them out.  Thanks again guys and keep it up.  Very informative and entertaining reading on a daily basis!  (Check out the info regarding the impending LX3 successor and G-series release on their site today.)