*Nauti Straps is a go! A new home for my hand built, camera straps w/Discount Code!


Hello friends! I’ve been working tirelessly (well, okay, that’s a lie, I’ve been fairly delirious actually) over the last couple months to put together a new home for the camera straps that I’ve been building for the last few years.  With a new, grown up name and site, I give you, NautiStraps.com  

Along with the tried and true Cascade and Vector wrist straps, I have introduced two new, shoulder straps as well.  The Speed Sling is a pared down version of the Speed Holster Strap that we launched through Mettle Cycling (available directly soon), and the new Regatta Strap which utilizes a very high performance, dual braid yachting line for a comfortable, and very strong option.  

Cascade_1024x1024 Vector_1024x1024 SpeedSling_1024x1024 Regatta_1024x1024

Many of you found my blog through the wrist straps that I’ve been building and selling.  Thank you for the support over the years.  If you’ve enjoyed them, I’d greatly appreciate any buzz you can help me create for these.  My wife and I are the dual proprietors of this new venture, and instead of kickstarting or asking for money up front, we’d rather try to build on the reputation I’ve worked so hard to create over time and have already invested in the material to actually make these.  No need to pledge, you or a photog friend can get one whenever you want.  So a tweetmyfacestagram, repost or even a comment here would be awesome.  As always, I’d love to hear about your experience with them, and you can get to me through the Nauti Straps site, or contact me HERE.

Pricing stays the same as it has always been, the only differences are that product and shipping are separate on the new site, and I can now take credit cards directly through the site along with PayPal.  As a thank you to all my friendly blog readers, I’ve set up a discount specifically for anyone that would like to try out a new Nauti Strap.  Use code “TRPBLOG” at checkout for 15% off any and all straps this week.  

Go to NautiStraps.com HERE

Finally, if you have an Instagram account, I’d love to connect there as well.  You can find us @nautistraps and follow for promos, giveaways and photo fun.  We’re a follow back kind of couple too 🙂

Stay tuned here on the blog which I’ll keep updated with new releases and designs as we launch them.  You can still find us through the Camera Straps Page HERE as well.


Thanks all, happy shooting and #getnauti!


17 thoughts on “*Nauti Straps is a go! A new home for my hand built, camera straps w/Discount Code!

  1. Naughty straps? Hey, what kinda blog is this? 😀

    I should probably buy one. I broke a clip on my GH4 strap, so I have it wrapped a bit and pay too much attention to it now.

    I went to look at replacement straps and the salesperson showed me a single sling strap for US$80 and the double strap for US$130. I wanted another Crumpler strap for US$50. Geez 😀


      • Things arrived Thursday, stuffed in my apartment’s mailbox. Thankfully, the straps are flexible. Liked the update e-mails. Wish the USPS would update more often.

        Got them both installed, but didn’t use the O-rings. I’ll put together a blog entry with some close photos, so that you can see later. It was a bit tough (given my weakened state) getting the sling strap onto the GH4 stirrup or whatever you call it. Seems good and the GM5 seems happy also.


  2. Hey, awesome straps! Can you tell me how much the shipping is to Germany? I saw that it will calculate it on the last step if i go through in paypal, but i´d like to know first before safe buying them 😉
    Tanks in advance.


  3. Hi Tyson,

    these straps look really nice and low profile. What a pity I’m not in the states – the shipping costs really spoil the fun a bit… (but then of course, Portland isn’t exactly round the corner :))
    I guess i have to sleep over it 🙂
    Good luck with nauti straps!


  4. A bit late to wish you good luck with this venture, but I’ve joined the modern world and discovered Twitter. I’ve been tweeting about these straps everyday. Hope it makes some difference for you.


  5. Hey Bud,

    This is great. A soon as you are back in stock in the Red Regatta shoulder straps, I’ll be ordering. I’ve not bought a neck strap in years because I haven’t found one to replace my existing one. I have now, can’t wait! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for when you have more stock up.


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