*The Topaz plugin half off sale is here with @topazlabs


Starting today through the end of the month, Topaz is offering everything for 50% off.  The entire collection (normally $500) is available for $250 HERE, and as an extra added bonus, for those of us who already own some or many Topaz plugins, we can still take advantage of the sale by logging into our account via the Topaz Labs website (here) and gaining the 50% off on additional plugins by using the code “BLACKFRIDAY2015” at checkout.  The Complete Collection is already at a 50% discount from the full price for all plugins individually ($1,010), so really, if starting from scratch, this is really a 75% discount from purchasing the plugins one by one, which is kind of nuts.  

I’ve never shied away from praise for the various Topaz plugins I use regularly, and feel that there are a handful of irreplaceable plugins in my workflow.  The complete collection includes 17 plugins from DeNoise, ReMask, Adjust and Clarity to the brand new Texture Effects.

Come on in for more details and to see the full list of plugins… 


For those of us who own one or many Topaz plugins, this 50% sale is a great way to fill in the plugins we don’t have.  When buying Topaz plugins, you create a Topaz specific profile and login which is how they send you updates and other cool things.  To get your special updated collection with the 50% off, sign in with your login (if you don’t remember it, you can contact Topaz directly HERE) and add the complete collection, then add the code “BLACKFRIDAY2015” to see the 50% discount on the remaining plugins.  Pretty awesome.

The complete collection includes the following.  

I’ve reviewed many of these, and have linked to my reviews if you’d like to read more on my thoughts above.  While there are some plugins that I use less often, every Topaz plugin I do use, I really enjoy, and a few of them are irreplaceable for me, namely in Adjust, Clarity, DeNoise, Glow, Impression and ReMask.  I’m getting into Texture Effects and use some of the more specialized plugins like Star Effects and Clean for that little extra bump when needed.

Find the complete collection sale via the Topaz Labs website HERE, and use code “BLACKFRIDAY2015” at checkout to knock the already  50%discounted $499.99 price, another 50% to $250, or grab any missing plugins to your collection at a special discount using the same discount code after signing in.

Let me know your thoughts, your experiences and fire off any questions you may have.  The sale runs through Monday, so you have 6 days to give these a try (you can download any and all for a full free trial via the website here if interested) before the holiday sale ends.  Stay tuned for fun updates, tutorials and reviews via the blog here.  Find me via the socials, I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram. If you would like to receive email notifications as I post new articles, please feel free to add your email address at the top right of the page here as well.

Happy shooting and have happy and safe holidays,


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