*The Mighty Might, Panasonic GM1 on super sale

iPhone 5s vs Panasonic Lumix GM1

Adorama has the Panasonic, micro 4/3 GM1 camera with 12-32mm pancake zoom for $598 which comes with a $200 Adorama Gift Card, dropping the price for the camera and lens to an effective $398!  The lens itself retails for $348, and while that may be a little steep for the lens itself, it is a true 24mm e-fov wide angle lens that is sharper than many of the comparable prime lenses for the system at like aperture, across this zoom lens’ range.  While the asking price for the lens itself might be debatable, the quality and sheer minuscule footprint cannot be.  Sure that $200 gift card is only valid at Adorama, but if you’re like me, you’ll find a way to eventually spend two hundred bucks on something there.

That’s a pretty sweet deal for this little powerhouse of a camera and lens that I feel is the best kit lens I’ve used for the system.  

You can see the deal, currently running at Adorama via my affiliate links below:

GM1 (Blue) with 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens (Silver) + $200 Adorama Gift Card HERE 

GM1 (Orange) with 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens (Silver) + $200 Adorama Gift Card HERE

If you’d like, you can read my thoughts on the GM1 HERE and the 12-32mm Kit Lens HERE.

I bought my GM1 as soon as it was available, and it has been with me every day since, literally.  With the right lenses, this camera is pocketable and is small enough to go anywhere.  It has the same sensor as the GX7, which is rumored to also be included in the soon to be announced G7, which is a great performing sensor, especially for RAW file capture, and in my test/review, out performed the Sony sensor in the Olympus OMD EM5 in most every way.  The GM5 is essentially the same exact camera with a hot shoe and an EVF.  Both great additions, but for this price, I think it would be hard to find a better overall value of size, performance and build quality offered with the GM1.  It’s a great little machine, and by little, I mean tiny.

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Happy shooting.


17 thoughts on “*The Mighty Might, Panasonic GM1 on super sale

  1. I really, really wish I could go without the viewfinder in sunny Central Valley, California because I really like the GM1. It would look really kewl at the end of my Olympus ZD 35-100mm f/2.0 lens on the tripod, also.

    I recently tried the Pentax K-50 in Live View mode to get some video and I used muscle memory to follow the rider because I could not see anything on the rear display. I got the correct video that he wanted but it was only from experience that it worked.

    I wish that Adorama would put the GM5 at a really good price, but I suspect that Olympus 8mm f/1.8 fisheye lens will take the money away from the GM5.


    • Haha, if I only waited about 2 years for this offer… NAH! Agree with Tyson, no regrets at all. I bought the GM1 for the size, and I love every bit of it. When I want a “point and shoot” form factor, I just put on the Pana-Leica 15mm f/1.7. If I want to take more time framing my shots and do more dramatic effects I just plug the Voigtlander 17.5mm f/0.95. It’s just sooooo versatile. Now if Panasonic just adds IBIS in a GM1/GM5 form factor, I’m sold! I must say right now, the Olympus EM5 II looks pretty good specs wise!


      • I agree. I really feel that all Pana bodies should at least incorporate the 2 axis IBIS, which truth be told, aside from lack of video and live view stabilization, is brilliant. This would still provide some value to their OIS approach for the video side, which they are certainly keyed in on, but would do well for still shooters regardless of the lens used. I know that there are some heat dissipation issues with the 4K enabled cams, or at least has been cited as an issue which makes it harder to include IBIS in those that incorporate 4K capture, but I’m sure the same was true a few years back with 1080, so I fully expect to see this remedied within the year (my money is on the Sony a7sII).

        Otherwise though, for its form factor, the GM series is just so much bang for the buck.



    • I’d like to see this thing fastened to the back of the 35-100/2! That would be pretty cool 🙂

      Yeah, I think that for what you shoot, an articulated LCD would be important too, and while the GM5 improves upon the GM1, I still see it as a P&S replacement rather than a go to for professional stuff. A great backup in a pinch, but it’s more the type of “have it with you always” kind of camera because it’s so absolutely small.


  2. I agree Tyson, love this little beast for its perfect size, still hate the rear adjuster wheel. Used the Lumix 45 macro on it the other weekend at a botanic garden inside a greenhouse. When the sun was behind I coudn’t see anything on the screen so just shot blind, and every shot was in focus and beautiful, all handheld.


    • As a fully functional , DSLR alternative, it certainly lacks in functional areas, but as a P&S alternative, it might be the best camera for the money in my opinion. The value probably depends on which direction one comes at it from.

      Thanks, man.



  3. That’s a fantastic deal. As mentioned before, if I could go without the evf I would have this over the gx7 (purely for convenience) I believe Amazon UK have it for about 300 squidlys at the moment. Good stuff!


    • Hey Chris,

      I’ve not been too drawn to the GF series since the GF1 personally, but that is mostly because of the aesthetics more than anything. With the GM series, it is intriguing because they’re absolutely minuscule, which we have to forego ergonomic benefits for, being the other side of the argument.

      With the GF series, I’d seen it (after the GF1) heading in a direction of losing functional, external controls to get smaller, and I didn’t see that as much of a benefit, opting instead for the GX or even the G series, until the GM came out which really cut weight and offered something truly tiny.

      That said, the new GF7 has the most current sensor, and a small form factor, at a decent price. I actually see the selfie screen as kind of a cool option if ever needing to sit in as I’d set up lights, or do any video of myself for the site as it can be tricky to use a phone screen to do that. Of course, no one NEEDS to use a particular feature if they don’t want to. Often times, I’ve found use for a feature that I thought was BS at first. Such are our tendencies to judge before we may see the benefit 🙂

      For the right price, the GF7 could be a hell of a deal, all things considered and I wouldn’t try to talk you out of it if you saw a benefit to your shooting by buying it. Personally, if you didn’t already have one, I’d be suggesting a GX7 at the current prices as it offers quite a bit more, but it is a bit bulkier too, so that would be a trade off.

      If it’s calling, go for it. I’m curious to see if and what the rumored new sensor will bring to the table in the GX8 this Fall, fingers crossed. About time for Panasonic to bring a new sensor to market…

      Cheers, man.



      • Thanks Tyson, that helps. I too haven’t been drawn to the gf since the gf1 but feel this cam may be a compromise I can deal with. I don’t tend to do many/any professional stuff so feel that I could take a step down in order to get the size I need and make the thing work for me. I too look forward to a new sensor, not that the gx7 isn’t badass but they do drag heels a little bit. As always Tyson, thanks so much for your advice, means alot and I always use it. I think I make take the plunge for £349 and see what happens. Cheers pal, hope you and the family are good



      • Well I went and got it and to be honest I’m surprised how much I like it. It’s a powerhouse. Pretty much the gm1 with a floppy screen (more plastic but looks good in the flesh). During the festival I found I could use it happily with my lenses and not have any issues at all. Having a C mode would be nice but switching between A and S like I normally do was adequate. Physical FN buttons are lacking, top left only, now assigned ISO to that and 5 on screen ones which are populated nicely now. After playing around with it and getting it how I like it I’m really happy with it. Time will tell how I get on without a viewfinder but so far covering the screen with my hand because the gf7 is so Diddy Shields the sun nicely. I recommend


      • Awesome, man! Much like the GM series, while I do prefer the physical controls, when space is limited, I do feel that Panasonic has done as well as anyone to incorporate a good mix of hard buttons, and on screen interface solutions. Simple, intuitive and very well designed in my experience. Looking forward to hearing more about the GF7 from you 🙂


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