*Monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenge – May 2015; “TEXTURES” with @Mirrorlessons


Welcome to our new flickr photo blog challenge for the month of May.  Our theme, as chosen by last month’s winner Tara Tanaka (Visit and see more from Tara HERE) is “Textures

Rules for these challenges are simple.  Chose an image, or images that you’ve taken, that you feel fits the theme.  Doesn’t matter what gear you use, and the themes can be interpreted however you feel as long as they abide by our Flickr group, and the greater Flickr guidelines for content.  Submit a single, or multiple images to our Flickr group threads and at the end of the month, Heather, Mat and I choose the three that we feel are the most compelling examples of this theme.  The three chosen, are showcased on my blog here, and at Mirrorlessons with an open vote that lasts for 5 days.  The winner after votes are tallied on both sites gets submitted into our semi-annual giveaway vote, and gets to choose the theme for the next month.

Find the submission threads on Flickr below:

TRP Flickr Group HERE

Mirrorlessons Flickr Group Thread HERE

Thank you to Tara, and to Heather and Mat for yet another month of collaborative, photo community fun!

Stay posted via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram and to stay up on new articles, feel free to add your email address at the top right of the page here.  You’ll get email alerts as new articles are released.

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