*Monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenge #11; “Portrait” with @Mirrorlessons

born of the northwest
Thank you to our December winner Giorgio (visit him HERE) for this month’s theme: “Portrait”

As is fun with our monthly themes, they are open for interpretation.  There are no rules, other than to be considered for our selections, you must submit your image to one of (good) or both (better) our themed flickr group threads below.  Over the last 11 months, Heather and Mat from Mirrorlessons, and myself here have collaborated to facilitate a fun way to both motivate our selves as well as help provide a platform for a bit more exposure by way of showcasing our favorites on both of our websites.

The way these challenges work:

  1. submit your image based on the monthly theme to our flickr group threads
  2. that’s about it, really.

At the end of each month, Heather, Mat and I each choose our favorite image from the flickr threads that we feel best represents the theme and post them on both of our sites along with a vote.

The vote is open for 5 days after which we tally the two sites polls and declare the winner.  The winner of the month gets to choose the next theme and the process begins again.  Each month’s winner is also entered into our semi-annual champions vote where we get to vote on the 6 monthly winners to determine our favorite.  That winner is showcased on both my site as well as Mirrorlessons again while also winning software, handmade wrist straps and who knows what else.

So, submit your image to our Flickr group theme threads below and let the challenge begin!

TRP Flickr Group Thread

Mirrorlessons Flickr Group Thread

Good luck and happy shooting!


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