*Congratulations to Giorgio Lumaconi for winning our December Flickr Photo Blog Challenge, Gadgets! with @Mirrorlessons


“Bookmark” by Giorgio Lumaconi

Stop by and see more from Giorgio on Flickr HERE

This month saw quite the spike in votes with a large number of overall clicks, so thank you to everyone who stopped by and voted.  After all the votes were counted, Giorgio Lumaconi’s image “Bookmark” emerged victorious. Congratulations to Giorgio for winning the Gadgets challenge!  Head on over to Giorgio’s Flickr stream to see more of his photography.  Stay tuned for this months theme!

These monthly themes are a fun way to motivate ourselves as well as challenge and hone our photographic intuition. Each month, I, along with Heather and Mat from Mirrorlessons, host these challenges and choose the three images from the reader submitted pools on our Flickr group pages that we feel are the best examples of the chosen theme. We then showcase these three on both of our sites with an open vote. The winner chooses our next theme and is entered into our semi-annual giveaway vote where the 6 monthly winners vie for your vote to be crowned our overall champion, and receive free stuff.

Congrats to Giorgio who will be added to our list of monthly winners, and thanks again to Heather and Mat, as well as everyone who has and continues to participate. Each month is a new chance to submit, so stay tuned to the blog as well as Mirrorlessons for new themes as they’re announced.

Find me on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr to stay connected, and happy shooting!

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