*Time to vote! Vote for the winner of our tenth monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenge; Gadgets. With @MirrorLessons

Time to vote!  Our theme this month is “Gadgets” thanks to November’s winner, AnggaPJ (visit Angga HERE).  Have a look at our three chosen submissions and vote for your favorite below, and don’t forget to also vote on Mirrorlessons HERE.  Here are our choices for this month’s theme:

charlize relaxes with her ipad

“Charlize relaxes with her iPad” by Gene McDaniel (see more from Gene HERE)


“Bookmark” by Giorgio Lumaconi (see more from Giorgio HERE)

Gadgets battle at school christmas party

“Gadgets battle at school Christmas Party” by Alessandro Berbenni (see more from Alessandro HERE).

Vote for your Favorite!

The vote runs for the next 5 days at which point we’ll add up the totals from both sites and announce the winner!

These monthly themes are a fun way to engage and interact with the large community through this site, my friends Heather and Mat’s site and the ever growing family on flickr.  Stay tuned for next month’s theme with winners each month entered in to a semi annual vote to win free software and gear!

Our monthly Flickr Photo Blog Theme challenges have been wonderful and I hope you guys have enjoyed them as much as we have.  Heather and Mat from Mirrorlessons along with myself here on my site, host monthly challenges via our respective groups on Flickr, where anyone can submit an image to the theme threads in both groups (see below for links).  Heather, Mat and I choose our three favorites each month from all of those submitted on Flickr and open it up for votes both here and on Mirrorlessons HERE.  The winner from each month gets to choose our theme for the following month.  We have enjoyed building and promoting the community that has continued to grow through our flickr groups, and on our sites, hoping to give a little back in the way of exposure and free stuff. Make sure to visit both polls to vote for your favorite.  Also keep an eye out for monthly themes to participate in.  It can be a fun way to inspire creativity or at the very least some creative motivation 🙂

Each monthly winner is then entered into our semi-annual giveaway poll where we take the 6 monthly winners and vote on our overall favorite with the winner taking home some cool stuff.

Visit our Flickr groups: TRP Photoblography HERE and Mirrorlessons HERE!

Have a safe and happy new year everyone, and I’m excited to see what 2015 has in store for us all!

Happy shooting,


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