*Wanna see differently? Check out the Lensbaby Super Holiday Sale


My friends and hometown optics company, Lensbaby is offering a wide gamut of their unique products at substantial sales for the holidays.

As many of you know, I tend to shy away from using this site to push gear specials or sales constantly because we get them from many other sites, especially this time of year.  I will however give a shout out for Lensbaby because they’re a very cool, forward thinking, local company that I have been fortunate enough to become friendly with over the years.  I’ve helped create promotional imagery for them, I’ve done quite a bit of beta product testing and feedback, and have been published in a coffee table book focused on Lensbaby imagery.  When I was a wee blogger, they didn’t look twice when I asked about reviewing their lenses for the mirrorless systems way back in the day.  They even had me do some acting spots for their educational videos for larger retailers like B&H and Adorama which was a lot of fun, so you can say that I’m a bit of a honk.

I make no money from you buying Lensbaby products, so I’m not saying this because there is monetary incentive for me to do so, I just like them as a company, and like their products.  If you or someone you know has been interested in one of the many cool Lensbaby optics or creative products for photography or film making, now might be a good time to check on their sale.  You can see updates and find links to all of the discounts going on through the 22nd of December on Lensbaby’s website HERE.  Have a look, and let me know if you have any questions about the Lensbaby stuff, I’ve used quite a bit of it 🙂

If interested, you can see my various Lensbaby reviews and articles on the Review Page HERE.

Happy holidays to all, and happy shooting.



8 thoughts on “*Wanna see differently? Check out the Lensbaby Super Holiday Sale

    • Yeah, I’ve not yet tried the new fisheye, but I have used the older fisheye optic that they released with the Scout for the m4/3 by way of the Composer Pro for m4/3. It is a 12mm fish though, and crops to a distorted 24mm fisheye field of view. Not quite 180+ degrees, but it is wider than the traditional 90 degrees or so from a 24mm equivalent optic.

      Ultra wides, even fisheyes are harder to find, and I’d imagine harder to engineer, for smaller formats. Circular fisheyes are also quite a bit different than the linear or full frame fisheyes and can be a little tricky, for motion pics anyway. For that, the Samyang/Rokinon 7.5mm fisheye is probably a better option, but I’m sure LB will be addressing the mirrorless systems with the newer fisheye in the future.


      • 5.8mm f/3.5 is interesting for the new one, and I found it at Adorama, and it’s between pre-orders and readily available, for the sale price.

        The barrel is internally polished, which provides for some “sick” photos. It’s not to my thinking, but people loved it when I got a shot that had lens flare in it, so this one should be great.

        I’d rather have the Four-Thirds Olympus 8mm f/3.5 that’s weather-sealed, but since I’m not photographing snowboarding, I don’t think it’s quite necessary, unless I absolutely need something for Four-Thirds.


      • Yeah, when shooting the 12mm LB fisheye on a full frame, through the scout lens body, you get the same “magic marble” 3D effect as if you’re shooting down a circular metal tube. It always reminded me of that scene in the movie the Ring 🙂


  1. Yeah lensbaby look like a company I really want to try out. Their optics look really nice and I like what they then out. Very cool product. I hope you and your family Have a great Christmas Tyson and a happy new year pal! Enjoy the holidays. Chris


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