*Monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenge #9; “Minimalism” with @Mirrorlessons

Road to Nowhere by Sami Paju

“Road to Nowhere” by Sami Paju

Visual Mimimalism: Simplistic use of shape and form to convey an idea, emotion or concept often employing negative space or incomplete context.

Thank you to our October winner Sami for the new theme: “Minimalism”

As is fun with our monthly themes, they are open for interpretation.  There are no rules, other than to be considered for our selections, you must submit your image to one of (good) or both (better) our themed flickr group threads below.  Over the last 9 months, Heather and Mat from Mirrorlessons, and myself here have collaborated to create a fun way to both motivate our selves as well as help provide a platform for a bit more exposure by way of showcasing our favorites on both of our websites.  At the end of the month, Heather, Mat and I each choose our favorite image from the flickr threads and post them on both of our sites along with a vote.

All of our readers get the final say in the overall winner for the month, with that winner being showcased and getting to choose the theme for the next month, as well as being entered into our semi-annual giveaway where we take the 6 monthly winners and open up a vote for the supreme champion.  Our last winner billyburg took home a Topaz plugin of his choice and a custom built camera wrist strap.  I’m working on some fun stuff, so I’m hoping we’re able to offer even more this time around.  It’s free, it’s fun and it’s a great way to interact with some awesome folks and great photographers while getting your images out there.

Submit your Minimalistic images to these Flickr threads:

Tyson Robichaud Photoblography Flickr Group Thread

Mirrorlessons Flickr Group Thread

Good luck and happy shooting,



2 thoughts on “*Monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenge #9; “Minimalism” with @Mirrorlessons

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