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Hello and welcome to our first, semi-annual giveaway vote, where you can choose who has provided us with the best overall image from our first 6 monthly challenges, is granted our undying adoration and given some free stuff as well.  Over the last 6 months, Heather, Mat and I have coordinated a monthly, dual blog challenge here and on Heather and Mat’s site Mirrorlessons where a theme is presented at the beginning of each month.  Anyone can submit an image into our theme specific Flickr group discussion threads for consideration.  At the end of the month, Heather, Mat and I choose an image that we each feel best exemplifies that theme and open it up for a vote.  The winner of that vote then gets to choose the next theme, and we begin again.  It has been a fun way to get to know and interact with many more photographers here and through Flickr, hopefully also translating into inspiration for many of us.  When we started this, we’d merely hoped that we could find a way to further build a community while gaining and hopefully providing some fun inspiration as a way to share our images with a wider audience.  It has been working and we’re thrilled with the connections made and beautiful imagery we’ve seen presented through these monthly challenges.

This brings us to our first giveaway vote!  The fine folks at Topaz Labs, creators of many very awesome software programs and plugins, have offered a free program of the winners choice.  I will also be building a custom Garda Wrist Strap for said winner with a few different color choices, not quite yet available for purchase and the title of our first, Semi-Annual Challenge Champion.

Let the vote commence!  Please come in and vote for your favorite image.

March – Single Light – Winner: Marco Bozzato “Magia”

Magia by Marco Bozzato


“A single light on the floor,  a light that generates an emotion in the young boy,  he is peering into another world.” – Marco Bozzato 

Visit, and see more from Marco HERE


April – Music – Winner: Othman Kammah “Strings”

Strings by Othman Kammah


Shot with the Fuji X-E2 and XF35/1.4 Lens” – Othman Kammah

Visit, and see more from Othman HERE

May – Closer – Winner: Nuno Quina “Almost…”

Almost by Nuno Quina

“There were about two weeks for delivery and my wife was feeling a little anxious. She went several times a day to the baby’s room to see if everything was ready when the time came. One of those times, I caught her looking in a very nostalgic way to a photo of one of the scans she had done.

As I wanted to record all moments before and after our first child was born, the camera was always handy. She was so focused that she didn’t even notice that I had taken the shot! 

It was one of those moments…” – Nuno Quina

Visit, and see more from Nuno HERE

June – Nature – Winner: Giovanni Tabbo “Di primo mattino a Parazzuolo”

Di primo mattino a Parazzuolo by Giovanni Tabbo

“Mi sono innamorato di questo albero, e dell’atmosfera che c’era: per terra la brina, con il sole che sorge a dissipare la nebbia mattutina. Sony NEX6 + 10-18 osa (I fell in love with this tree, and the atmosphere: on the ground was the frost, and the sun was rising to dissipate the morning mist.)” – Giovanni Tabbo

Visit, and see more from Giovanni HERE

July – Long Exposure – Winner: Graham Gibson “Highway of Lights”

Highway of Lights by Graham Gibson

“You never can tell what the fog will do in the bay, so I was lucky enough that the bridge was completely visible below the clouds. The cloud layer hanging over San Francisco is so emblematic of the city, I think it adds to the ambiance and character of the scene. The warm-colored lights of the cars on the bridge contrast nicely against the cool colors and scene of the city in the distance.” – Graham Gibson

Visit, and see more from Graham HERE

August – Animals – Winner: billyburg “Evening Glow”

Evening Glow by billyburg

“When the two sheep wandered in front of my view over Preston (the town in the background) I suddenly realised the reality of the situation; that the sheep were being raised on a peaceful rural island surrounded by an urban sea and that there is nothing wrong with that. The Oly 45 compressed the scene, making Preston more prominent in the image, the haziness serendipitously hid other buildings and the light made everything look great. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.” – billyburg

Visit, and see more from billyburg HERE

So, who has created your favorite image from our 6 winners?  Please vote:

Don’t forget to vote at Mirrorlessons HERE also.  The total between the two polls will determine the winner!

Feel free to make a case for your favorite, promote, stump, campaign and shout it from the rooftops.  Tweet @photosbytyson and @MirrorLessons for retweet love and if you would like to participate in our continuing monthly challenges, all you need to do is keep an eye out for our monthly announcements here and on Mirrorlessons, then submit your image to our Flickr group threads.

The TRP Flickr Group is HERE

The Mirrorlessons Flickr Group is HERE

Join us.  Inspire, be inspired and who knows, you may just end up with some free stuff.  Stay tuned and receive new articles, challenges, reviews or ramblings by way of email (at the top right of the page), on Facebook or Twitter as well.

On behalf of myself, Heather and Mathieu, thank you all for participating, for voting and for sharing your photographic journey with the growing group.  Let’s keep it rocking.

Happy shooting,



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