*Am I insane? EOS M down below $300

Canon EOS M w/ 22mm f/2


Dear friends and fellow gear geeks, I apologize for the sales pitch here, but B&H just sent me an email showing that they’ve knocked the EOS M with 22mm f/2 lens kit down to $299 until July 9th.  While I was no where near impressed when this camera came out at $799 or whatever it was, I’d be lying if I said I’m not very curious now at this price point, especially after the new firmware has literally erased the biggest complaint about the camera, in the slow AF.

I have heard very good things about the 22mm lens, and feel that it can be a perfect companion camera either kept in the glove box or stashed away in a bag in and of itself, regardless if I choose to invest in the system any further.  For $299, I’m looking at this as my (very) poor man’s Sony RX1 🙂

So, I had to buy one.  I have a backpacking trip coming up where I will pit this against the OMD EM5 and the GX1 (assuming I can cram it all in the pack) and report back in due time.

This rebate at B&H lasts until July 9th, so if you’re interested, you can see them here:

EOS M w/ 22mm f/2 kit $299

EOS M w/ 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit $349

To all my fellow ‘Mericans, have a safe and happy 4th of July tomorrow and thanks to everyone for the continued support.


All the best and happy shooting,


9 thoughts on “*Am I insane? EOS M down below $300

      • Sounds great, i came back from your lively country la st sat, so missed out on the festivities. Was great time though, me and my girlfriend are already planning our next visit over, maybe a bit of a road trip like ive always wanted!


      • You guys were in the Southeast right? Florida if memory serves… How was that this time of year?! If possible next time around, try to come up our way in the PAC NW, more bearable summer weather 🙂 and we will show you a great time.


      • Awesome, i shall indeed
        i had a fantastic time, was damn hot mind! But wasn’t too bad, more air con than you can shake a stick at. I had a fantastic time, got some cool shots from it too. Photos are on Flickr.actually, wouldn’t mind your opinion in something, Ive found a good deal for a G5 with 14-42 and at the moment can claim a 45-150mm lens for free. Its in a local shop near me and brand new but ex-display for about 350. Was going to part ex the g3 and go for this slight upgrade to tide me over for the next year. Ive done research and people say it is better than the g3, not necessarily picture quality (I’m very happy with g3 quality) but usability and function and hand grip looks improved. Just wondering if you’ve come across or had a play with the G5? At that price point i feel would definitely be worth it. Also, from the short time i spent in your country, ive completely fallen for it! Lovely place! Wish i could get an iced coffee from Dunkin donuts over here…oh well 😃


      • Firstly, glad that you guys had a good time! The US is a vastly diverse country in both citizenry and topography. Just about anywhere you go there are new things to see and experience. Food is different (aside from crappy fast food, that’s the same crap wherever you go) style, music, architecture, economy, religious and political views, etc. I think, by European standards, we really could be 5 or 6 entirely different countries. Also, with coffee, the northwest seems to consider itself a bit ahead of the curve. While debatable, I will say that we do have pretty solid coffee up here (and beer!).

        I think the current G5 deals are great. Yeah, the sensor is the same, but processing is improved as is functionality. I think the G6 is intriguing and when it drops, I may look into it as I’m pretty well set for the time being. I think the system is kinda shooting itself by releasing so many cameras with very few true updates. Why would we buy at full price when 3 months into it the prices drop and a year afterward, they are practically giving them away with the “upgrade” still using the same sensor and most all the same bells and whistles? Kinda nuts, and I wish they’d look to really improve upon each upgrade and perhaps shift the update schedule to an 18month to two year refresh giving us a bit more confidence in our investment. Now that they have started the ball rolling, I can’t help but think most of us are just waiting for price drops to take effect and normally we only need to wait for about 6 months or so for substantial discounts to come into play, or they’re already talking about the next X, Y or Z. If you’re feeling that the G3 is hindering your shooting, or you see the value to getting the two lenses, at that price, I can’t say it’s in anyway a bad deal. You could even feasibly sell off one or both of the lenses to recoup probably 75% of the investment, so, … 🙂


  1. There seem to be a few wild deals out there. I saw a Panasonic GF3 with 14mm f/2.5 lens for $299.99, which is cheaper than the lens on its own, but about $25.00. The fact that you get a pink camera body with not very good image quality is a…ummm, bonus?


      • Indeed. They are an interesting company to provide them. If I knew someone else to take the pink body, I might have bought the combo just to have a third micro Four-Thirds lens.

        I suppose the recent mirror-less vs. dSLR graph explained why there are so many discounts. No one is selling much of anything.

        I’m glad you had a good time on the 4th.


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