*Topaz Black and White Effects 2.1 Update, free for existing users, discounted for the rest of us!

topaz B&W Effects

Hello All.  You may remember my original review of Topaz B&W Effects back a little while ago.  It was, in my opinion, a great black and white plugin for the money.  With B&W Effects 2, they streamlined the interface, added more filters along with a few other bells and whistles.  With the 2.1 upgrade, (which is a free upgrade for existing users of B&W Effects, or available for new users at a 30% discount using promo code “BW21” here at TopazLabs.com) They’ve added an 11 Zone review system along with a new smattering of awesome borders.

With a modest starting price of $59.99, the 30% discount brings this plugin down to $42, or is included in the Topaz Bundle which also includes their latest versions of Adjust, DeNoise, Simplify, Detail, Clean, ReMask, InFocus, Lens Effects and DeJPEG ($600 value for $300).  I use Adjust, Clean and DeNoise all the time and with the newer additions to B&W Effects, I will be working this into my workflow as well.  One criticism I had of the original B&W Effects was it’s grain re-creation engine.  I felt it was inorganic and a bit too digital when looking at it magnified or in large print which was a bummer.  With v. 2.1, it has been greatly improved to my eye.  Add to that the new Zone system:


…and cool new Borders:


…and the plugin has increased it’s usefulness and fun factor.

Like all good plugins, I highly suggest trying before you buy.  You can get a free, fully functional trial via TopazLabs.com and if you purchase between now and April 21st, you can get B&W Effects at a 30% discount using code “BW21“!

Give it a try!

Happy shooting,


Here are a couple of my reviews on the recent Topaz plugins:

DeNoise 5


7 thoughts on “*Topaz Black and White Effects 2.1 Update, free for existing users, discounted for the rest of us!

  1. Tyson, Thought you’d like to know that my Yahoo spam filter kicked in on this notification. It’s probably b/c you’re getting more and more readers and sending out more notices. Thanks for all the good work! -Terry Doyle



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