*New year, new look.

As we move into the year of lucky 13’s, I felt like changing things up a bit.  A new look, a new direction for a new year.  I have a few articles in the hopper ranging from shooting 3D body art to approaching an architectural shoot as well as shooting for a restaurant I want to plug (it’s awesome and they have Mexican beer on tap… kinda a big deal here in Portland).  Of course there will be a few gear posts sprinkled in there too to keep us gear nerds satiated as well.  Looking back may not get your anywhere, but it may help change how you get where you’re going.  Here’s to looking and moving forward.  Goodbye 2012 and happy 2013 everyone!




7 thoughts on “*New year, new look.

    • Thanks Klaus,

      I think the white text on black will have just as many frustrated as it may singing it’s praises, but personally, I like the photography on black better myself, and the links all coming through red as well. This theme is also formatted more specifically for tablets 🙂




      • I’ve always liked photos on black. White text is fine. Liked the header on the prev. iteration but hey, it’s your blog. I’ll keep reading in lucky ’13. My GH1 just died and only found out when we went to shoot (photographically) birds in Klamath Falls – a wonderland of bird.

        Last time I touched the GH1 it worked fine but 40 miles down the road, found I was stuck with a point and shoot. Tried everything: new SD card, different battery, lens, all the mode wheel. Just a Sprung for a G5. Happy new year to the Squeeze family.


  1. Hey, Tyson — looks great.

    I wish I had as many hands as you do in the photo to the right — I’d get a lot more done, lol.

    Happy New Year!
    John Griggs


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