*Sarah and John are now officially hitched (and we’ve got the pictures to prove it)

Firstly, to my friends Sarah and John, congratulations!  I’ve spent the last two weeks staring at you guys in digital form getting to relive your wedding day and the only regret I have is that I wasn’t able to drink and celebrate more, alongside you guys.  I am really excited with the images that Shelby, Rachael and I were able to get and hope that you guys enjoy them.  Read on for a link to the gallery and in the mean time, here are a few in slideshow form…

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John and Sarah asked me to shoot their wedding about a year ago, which I must say shows an amazing amount of planning and foresight (more than Rachael and I had) and I want to thank them for the opportunity to help capture Brad’s their big day.  I’ve been asked to shoot weddings in the past and have been selective in those that I’ve shot.  Weddings are tricky from a photographer’s standpoint as it is a delicate balance of ninja like fortitude, experience, ability to adjust on the fly and not eating for a long period of time.  In most any other situation, if you lose an image, or a card, you can normally reschedule.  Not with weddings, it is a one time thing with an ever present series of irreplaceable moments.  Luckily I’ve been able to be selective with the weddings I’ve shot and each has turned out to be a wonderful and unique experience.

Sarah and John, I’ve spent a fair bit of intimate time with your lovely mugs into the wee hours of many an evening over the last two weeks, and I can honestly say that whatever you guys are doing, keep doing it.  I cycled through the many images full of smiles, laughter and excitement surrounded by friends that obviously enlighten, and family that helps keep life in perspective through honest example and obvious commitment.  Thank you for letting me be a part of that.  Getting to shoot your wedding has helped me decide that I am going to be doing more of them in the future with my new business partner, Shelby, accompanied by our respective spousal assistants.  Together our families will be starting off on a new adventure much like the two of you will.  I will always look back at your wedding with fondness and as a defining moment in my newly burgeoning career as we start our new dual family business.  If I’ve learned one thing in my own marriage it is this, no matter what you go through individually, it is crucial to know that you have each other there for support.  Of course this means that you have to hold up your half of the deal.  Not every day is easy, but as I learn to approach each day open minded, each one is an opportunity to be a better version of myself and after our three years, I have the best friend I’ve ever had with me through each one of those days.    Thank you guys and have a wonderful time on your closely approaching honeymoon!

Friends and family, the full gallery of all Sarah and John’s images lives hereEnjoy.

Prints and digital downloads are available for purchase and there are packages providing discounts for those who are interested.

All my best,


The URL for the gallery is: http://www.tysonrobichaudphotography.com/People/John-and-Sarah-8212010/12804327_rdxtA#993315628_mf3p2


2 thoughts on “*Sarah and John are now officially hitched (and we’ve got the pictures to prove it)

  1. Lovely shots, its hard work doing weddings, Ive done a couple now for friends as my gift to them and its a long ol’ day.


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