*Photovision DVD Seminar Discount!


Here is a substantial discount for the Photovision DVD seminar series if you’re interested.

I have personally subscribed to the Photovision series for 2010 and can say, it has provided me with some remarkably useful insight to the industry.  From interviews surrounding marketing and networking your photographic business, to a ton of “how to’s” regarding anything from wedding shooting to studio work, child portraits to location lighting.

For anyone interested, I’ve been given a discount code to offer anyone who is interested (from the list price of $149 down to $39) you get 6 DVD’s with about 2 hours of material on each.  I won’t lie, I get a free subscription if 3 people use my link and code to sign up and I’m sure you would qualify for the same deal next year.  If you are interested, I would greatly appreciate using my link and code, but I won’t feel bad if you don’t 🙂  Have a look, it may be of interest.

Use this link: http://fansof.photovisionvideo.com/Tyson/050081
And use the code: “PVFAN” to get the deal for $39.

Regardless if I get three folks to sign up or not, I will be renewing as I feel it does offer a great amount of insight into the way other working pros approach their work, plus I’ve learned some cool tricks too.

Thanks all!


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