*40% off all Topaz Plugins through Dec 31st!



Another huge discount for the Topaz Plugins!  If you’ve been on the fence, it is a great opportunity to grab one of Topaz’s killer, already low priced Photoshop plugins, or save 40% off of the whole bundle (which is already a substantial discount).  May I suggest DeNoise, or Adjust, both killer plugins that I use all the time.  DeNoise5 is by far the best noise reduction plugin I’ve used, hands down.  Topaz Clean (which is $30 to begin with) pulls double duty while acting as a good skin smoothing filter and can also be used much like Fractalius (see my tutorial HERE) or Topaz B&W Effects which is yet another low priced, yet wonderful black and white filter plugin.   You can find these and many other Topaz Plugins on the Topaz website HERE.  Input “topaz2012” to save 40% off any and all plugins through December 31st!


Happy holidays, and happy shooting.