*An argument for, and against “going Pro”

stack that paper

I’ll try to keep this short and mostly thoughtful.  I field quite a few emails which vary from gear (okay mostly gear) to blogging, to business and legal inquiries regarding photography.  I may not be the best resource for many of these inquiries, but I can offer my opinion on various matters.  I’ve done quite a bit with the gear side of things, so I’m gonna try my hand at some new stuff here.  With the new year, I’ve shunned traditional resolutions and tried rather to turn entirely inward in my own personal assessment of what makes me happy, or more importantly, what I can control that makes me and those I love comfortable, happy and healthy.  Unless you’re some type of magical farmer/hippy/yeti hybrid that is entirely capable of living off the land and bartering your body hair, somehow legally in some utopian parallel shadow universe, we will need income to survive.  Clothing, a roof, food, you know, the basic needs.  We (I assume my readers) all love photography, so why not try our hand at combining a love and a necessity by making money as a professional photographer?

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*TRP in the New York Times – Gadgetwise

This little guy has been pulling his weight!

Rik Fairlie from the New York Times had gotten in touch with me a few weeks back regarding my experience with the micro 4/3’s system.  We chatted for a little bit about the pros and cons and he was nice enough to mention me in his article for the Gadgetwise section last week.  I’ve not been quoted in a publication before so it is weird to see my name affiliated with an article like this.  Kinda like hearing your own voice on your answering machine, I guess if I could go back, I might have answered some of the questions a little differently, more eloquently perhaps.  Regardless, thank you very much to Rik for tracking me down and for those who’d like to read the article, it is here!