*Who the @#$! needs film? Comparing film to film replication software w/ @alienskin


(*this article was originally written for, and appeared on the Alien Skin blog, by me, HERE.)

Put out your torches, and put down your pitchforks.  I love film.  I shoot film, and have a freezer and fridge full of it from 35mm Kodak Gold and Ilford Delta, to 120 Tri X and Portra 160 NC.  The question I’ve struggled with though, is why?  Why do I still shoot film?  It’s expensive to process, ridiculously tedious to digitize and even with expensive drum scanning, still doesn’t reach the depth and range of modern digital files.  Well, the answer for me has been nostalgia, the feel of the image, and the ability to take a step back, and focus on shooting in a more organic way that coincides with my initial falling in love with photography in the first place.  A beautiful reality though, is that through software, and remarkable sensor technology, we can quickly and easily replicate the look of film if we want, taking care of one of those (my) criteria.

This post is not meant to be any more than a personal experiment in which I’ll look to answer this question for myself when using my go to digital solution when wanting to help analogize results within my digital reality and workflow because, while I may not need film, I sure do love to replicate the look and feel of it.  C’mon in…

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*About a boy, and his Hasselblad.

It’s easy to go through much of life paying attention to the times that one is unlucky, but if we spend all of our energy on ignoring the times we are lucky, it is easy to miss out on a lot of the fun life can provide.  I remember hearing about Hasselblads back in the day.  I’d never really considered medium format to be something I’d ever realistically get to play around with.  My limited expendable income was always directed to other areas.  As fortune and luck would have it, the father of a girl that I was dating, was a photographer.  Not just a photographer, but a connoisseur of all things photographic.  His history with photography was inspiring, his knowledge intriguing, his collection of cameras was a thing of beauty.  I knew, I needed to marry this girl.

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