*TRP featured in Olympus Passion Magazine

Remember my portrait lens shoot out?  Well, it caught the eye of the folks over at Olympus Passion Magazine as they’d previously featured my article testing the Leica 15mm against the Panasonic pancake 14 and 20mm lenses on their website, and had asked to feature the portrait shoot out in the August edition of the magazine.  I happily obliged, and it can now be seen in the current issue of their beautifully curated, Olympus-centric mag HERE.

The issue features various projects from other micro 4/3 shooters, and I will say, they’ve done a beautiful job showcasing some remarkable photographers.  I certainly feel honored to be included in the mag.  The magazine is available via a subscription, which seems funny nowadays, but considering that I’ve been subscribed to just about every photography print magazine for the last decade plus (that is until they’ve pretty much all gone out of business, leaving me with random issues of golf or travel magazines as a replacement to finish off my subscription period) subscribing to a photography magazine doesn’t seem ridiculous, especially considering Olympus Passion is Advert Free, so all 100+ pages are solid content.  If you’re an Olympus fan, or micro 4/3 system shooter, it may be of interest.  

Who knows, you may see more from me in issues to come 🙂

Thanks as always for the read.  I’d love to connect via the socials, so hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram.  

Happy shooting,



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