*Topaz Impression and Glow, both 25% off w/ @topazlabs


Need a little artistic inspiration?  Try running one of your images through Topaz Impression, a beautiful paint and mixed media plugin and/or Glow, Topaz’ deliciously surreal fractal effect plugin.  These two offerings are both on sale for 25% off right now by using the code TOPAZART at checkout over at Topaz Labs HERE.  As always, Topaz offers full free trials for those interested, and I’d highly suggest checking them out if these effects suit your style.  You can download those free trials directly from Topaz HERE.  If you like them, jump on this sale before it disappears.

Come on in to see some more examples and thoughts on how and why I use these two awesome pieces of software in my own work.

Topaz Impression is a remarkably detailed, mixed media conversion software capable of changing your digital imagery into paintings, sketches and line drawings from a library of styles and effects.  From impasto to watercolor, pencil to charcoal, Impression has been a wonderful plugin for me that offers nearly 700 different looks with infinite customization.  Great for landscape, or when wanting to create a digitally painted portrait.

Here are a couple before and afters, using presets in Impression:

EmptyName 3 EmptyName EmptyName 2 EmptyName 1


Topaz Glow is a remarkable plugin that allows you to customize a very peculiar effect.  For those familiar with fractalius (PC only software) Topaz Glow is like that, on steroids (plus offers Mac users an option).  Based on a fractalized algorithm, you can pull color and form into a variety of distinct effects from the surreal, to the subtle.  

Here are a couple quick looks using Glow presets:

EmptyName 6 P1080578 EmptyName 5 EmptyName 4

I’ve reviewed each plugin individually over the years, and if you’d like to see more, you can read my reviews on Impression HERE, and Glow HERE.  I (obviously) like and continue to use many of the Topaz plugins.  They offer a great value and unique tools in the digital landscape for me.  I shill for them because they’re awesome to work with, and I used their software long before developing a relationship with them, so it was a natural fit for me.

You can download free trials, or buy either of these with the 25% discount (use “TOPAZART” at checkout) via Topaz Labs HERE.  If you do choose to do so, doing it through my link above will provide me with a small referenced commission which helps me continue to run this site, pull review copies of new software and the like, so thank you for any consideration on that front.  

I love doing this, and really enjoy getting to interact with you all, so please feel free to fire off any questions in the comments, contact me HERE, or find me on the socials via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram.

Thanks for the read.  Keep up with any new announcements, articles, reviews and tutorials by adding your email to the top right of the page, (down below if viewing on a mobile platform). 

Happy shooting,



8 thoughts on “*Topaz Impression and Glow, both 25% off w/ @topazlabs

  1. I agree with your comments. I find the plug-ins really useful. They are perhaps image specific in the sense that they don’t always work with every photo you may take, however I’ve been surprised with just how versatile they are. I’ve used “Glow” on some B & W street shots and love the effect. “Impression” is great too and can easily achieve a whole range of diverse effects. Far better than the Alien Skin “Snap Art” that I trialed (IMHO). These two with “Clarity” are my holy trinity of Topaz Plug ins. If it were possible, I’d be happy to send you some images to add to your post (if you thought they were good enough).


  2. Hello – I’ve used a free trial and tried Simplify…wondering if I should purchase Glow 2 or Impression 2. Only want to spend money on one of them. Glow 2 is on sale right now and Impression 2 is more than twice the cost. Which one would you recommend first? Thanks…Sherry


    • Hi! Well, they’re two different sets of tools. I’d say Impression is much more geared to the painting aesthetic (obviously) while Glow is more abstract, and plays to the fractalius like effect. I tend to use Glow more selectively (eyes, hair, specific focal points in an image, etc) myself while I like Impression for a more global, painting type effect. I would say it really depends on what you think you’d get more enjoyment out of, now.

      That all said, Topaz does really well at almost always having a monthly promotion, and usually, at least once a year, you’ll have a chance to save on any given plugin. If you like and would use them equally, it might be easier to justify Glow now, and keep an eye on Impression until a sale comes up. I don’t know for certain, but normally, Topaz does holiday sales too (cyber Monday type stuff) and that may pose an opportunity too?

      Hope that helps, and doesn’t further complicate your decision 🙂

      Thanks for finding me and for the inquiry.

      Have a great weekend,



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