*Might be close to the last chance to grab a GX7 kit on super sale @adorama


Currently, and while they last, Adorama is selling the GX7 with the 14-42 kit zoom for $547.99 which also includes a $50 Adorama Gift Card.  This might be the last cache of new GX7 kits as they make way for a replacement later on this year.

The GX7, while heading toward the sunset, and rumored to be replaced this Fall, is a killer camera.  It still has the current Panasonic sensor used in most every Panasonic camera from the last couple years, which is a great sensor, especially for RAW shooters like me.  If you’re looking for a good, all around body that incorporates IBIS, an integrated tilting EVF, WiFi, Focus Peaking, 1080p at 60fps, and a slew of other bells and whistles, this is a great deal.

You can find them via Adorama here:

Black GX7 + 14-42 kit with $50 Adorama Gift Card HERE

Silver GX7 + 14-42 kit with $50 Adorama Gift Card HERE

I’ve been a big fan of the GX7, and feel it has been the best overall, micro 4/3 camera yet… for me at least.  Great ergonomics, great features, direct external control for everything you need along with an intuitive and logical UI. It has a very good balance of size reduction while being very comfortable in the hand, even with larger optics, and I like mine very, very much.  

A great camera for a great price.

If interested in why I’ve grown to praise the GX7 quite as much as I have, you can read my personal reviews and comparisons via these following links:

GX7, an evolution Part 1

GX7, an evolution Part 2

GX7 vs EM5, round 1

GX7 vs EM5, round 2

GX7 vs EM5, round 3

Happy shooting, 



10 thoughts on “*Might be close to the last chance to grab a GX7 kit on super sale @adorama

  1. Shared this on Facebook. Hopefully all the folks that comment on my camera at faires will notice it as the deal is exceptional. Thanks as usual for your heads-up.


  2. Agreed the gx7 is great value buy somewhat very underrated. I brought an EM5 Mk2 but kept the GX7 instead as the ergonomics and lay out are far more efficient when being used.


  3. I decide between GX7 and new G7. What do you think? Difference in price is $200 less for GX7. I don’t use 4K, bud 4K Photo looks usefully. GX7 is almost 2 years old, so it is realy still so good camera?
    G7 haven’t IBIS, and I’m afraid that it will be much bigger, almost like small DSLR, GX7 have great size, G7 have super variable omnidirectional LCD…
    So I don’t know 🙂

    What do you think?


    • Hello Kamil,

      Well, they both use the same sensor, so the image quality will be nearly identical. Taking image quality out of it, I’d start to look at which features you’d benefit from.

      They both have an EVF with the G7 boasting an OLED 2.36m dot finder and the GX7 a 2.76m dot finder. Whether the OLED will prove to be better, I’m not sure, but while very handy, I wouldn’t classify the GX7’s EVF as “great” although it is better than the finder on my old OMD EM5, so it is “good enough” for me.

      Do you like a fully articulated screen as found in the G7, or an up/down flip screen like the GX7? I tend to prefer the GX7 style because it keeps the screen on the lens axis, and works like a waist level finder for me. I think for video the flip out screen would probably be better, and has the ability to rotate around to face front.

      Would you get much use from IBIS? It doesn’t work for video, and is disabled if the lens has OIS, but I have found it to be very good, and handy.

      Otherwise, I think that these are two very similar machines with similar sets of features. The G7 is actually not much bigger than the GX7 if at all. The G series is surprisingly small, as is the OMD EM5 and EM10, and I’d say it’s probably about the same size as those in the hand.

      Personally, if buying today, I’d shade toward the GX7 myself, but that is because I don’t need 4k recording, although it could be beneficial with the still frame pulls out of video. I just don’t have a computer that is set up to handle hours of 4k footage, so I don’t know how standard that would become for my own shooting.

      If you can handle both, I’d say that would be the best way to determine for yourself. As for IQ, they’ll be nearly indistinguishable (as are most any m4/3 sensors currently), so I wouldn’t worry about gaining or losing pure image quality going either way.

      I hope this helps 🙂




      • Hi Tyson,

        Thank for your reply!
        It will help me!

        Seller in our shop told me, that GX7 is possible charging via USB, but I’ve never found this information. Can you confirm it?
        Before this Panasonic models I prefered Sony Alpha 6000 and love function of USB charging – in the nature, where I have USB power pack for smartphone, I can use it for camera – superb feature! But quality of SONY kit lens is poor, so i decide go to micro 4/3 system.
        If its not possible, I found this USB charger:
        It may be good for it..
        How is your feel about battery life? It is possible use one battery for all day when traveling in foreign city for example?

        Thanks a lot!


      • I’m not aware of USB charging on the GX7, although I’ve never, ever connected it via USB, nor do I do that to any of my other cameras, so I’m not the one to ask unfortunately.

        The battery life on all of these mirrorless cameras tend to be very poor compared to DSLR’s in my experience. I’ve heard good things about the GH4’s battery, but all I can say is that the more you have enabled on the camera by way of live view, review times, IBIS, etc, it can more quickly drain the battery.

        I will say that while the GX7’s battery isn’t great, it lasts about twice as long while shooting as the Sony battery in my a7II does. That camera might have the worst battery performance that I’ve ever seen, closely followed by the original OMD EM5. I can get through a day of shooing the GX7 on one battery, but I would always suggest buying at least one spare.




  4. Hey Tyson, great camera. As we discussed recently, I picked up a gf7 which is a little powerhouse and handy for pocketing but whilst shooting at a wedding(I was a guest not the main photographer, that would be a challenge with just gf7) I this weekend and found I missed the gx7. Little things but mainly because I can always get exactly what I want with the gx7,now compromise. So I am keeping both! I know you’ll support this. Thanks for the constant information, knowledge and guidance bud. Chris


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