*Brand New TRP ‘Cascade’ Wrist Straps Available NOW!


Hi All!  Many of you are familiar with the Garda wrist straps, which I’ve been selling for well over a year now.  For the last few months, I’ve been working on some new straps, using a completely different, high end nautical line.  A different finish, a different look, and a completely new design.

Still entirely hand built and guaranteed to last.  C’mon in to see more about the Cascade and to see how to order one.

IMG_8067 - Version 2

After years of using random alternatives to a neck strap, and being a photographer that prefers having my camera in hand as opposed to bouncing off my chest, or slung over my shoulder, I have tried many different solutions over the years.  For those who may not know, I also work in the marine industry.  Sailing to be specific, and one product I work with very closely, is high end yachting rope.  I’ve often enjoyed finding multiple uses for various things, and rope is no exception.  I’ve built my own camera straps using nautical splicing techniques for years now, and over the last couple years, I’ve sold and given away hundreds of straps that I’ve personally built by hand. 

The new Cascade Wrist Straps provide a completely different approach to the original Garda Wrist Straps both in material and design.  Utilizing a dual braid, high performance yachting line consisting of dyneema and high tenacity polyester, this particular rope is designed for use on the top racing boats in the world.  Strong, robust and focused on performing in the hand under harsh conditions.  Being a dual braid rope versus a single braid, (like the Garda Straps use) the Cascade provides different benefits and design challenges which have resulted in a new design, entirely.  Gone is the need to use a high pressure, self adhesive tape for this particular design, making way for a spliced, tapered and hand whipped piece.

IMG_8075 - Version 2

The Cascade is an adjustable strap that controls the diameter of the opening for your wrist by way of a snug, rubber gasket stopping the closed loop at any point along the strap.  Both ends terminate in a closed, fixed loop which sees the rope buried into itself and hand sewn with high strength polyester whipping line.

IMG_8071 - Version 2

Fastening to the camera by way of a 170lbs test split ring, it can support the weight of any camera rig I’ve ever used… with my kid also hanging from it.


Available now for $30usd including shipping within the USA ($36usd outside of the USA) by sending via PayPal (click HERE), you can send the proper amount to my account “trobichat1@yahoo.com” along with the style and color (the new Cascade, or the original Garda strap which is still available) and your shipping info.  You can see more info about all available straps and purchase through the TRP Wrist Strap page HERE as well.


The Cascade is currently available in mottled Black/Grey with Black whipping, Blue/Grey with Orange whipping or Red/Grey with Black whipping while my current rope supplies last. 

See them on the TRP Camera Strap Page HERE

Thanks for the read and interest.  I’m happy to answer any questions directly here, or through my Contact form HERE.

Stay tuned to the blog for specials, reviews and tutorials by adding your email to the top right of the page.  You’ll receive articles and posts as they’re released.  Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram as well.  I love to connect with other photographers and creative folk, so hit me up. 

Happy shooting,


6 thoughts on “*Brand New TRP ‘Cascade’ Wrist Straps Available NOW!

  1. I like this Cascade design it is very clean looking…right now I am enjoying my Garda design….I use it all the time on my e-M1 and it shows no signs of wear…for me the only reason to buy a new wrist strap…is to put it on a new camera…hmmmmm , there’s a thought…take care Tyson


  2. The strap is lightweight and sturdy. It is very comfortable and confident in use with my FZ1000. I really like this new cool design, and its fine craftsmanship and material is felt whenever I pick up my camera. Thanks for the great product.


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