*Congratulations to Giovanni Tabbò for winning our March Flickr Photo Blog Challenge, Man vs Nature! with @Mirrorlessons

1000 contro 1

Giovanni’s beautiful image, “1000 contro 1” has taken the monthly flickr photo blog challenge crown.  This is Giovanni’s second win!  Visit Giovanni HERE to congratulate him and see more of his wonderful photography.  Thank you to everyone for submitting and for visiting to vote.  Stay tuned, we should have this month’s theme, as chosen by Giovanni announced here and on our Flickr groups very soon:

Keep an eye out for our monthly theme threads.  It’s a fun, free way to connect with other photographers worldwide, it can be great motivation to get out and shoot, and get your photography seen by an ever growing audience as well.

Thanks, as always to Heather and Mat from Mirrorlessons.com for co-hosting and showcasing the wonderful photography within our every growing reader community.  You guys are all awesome and I know I speak for Heather and Mat as well when I say that I, we really enjoy getting to see, and be inspired by the imagery and vision from you all, so let’s keep it up!

I’d love to connect via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram and to stay posted on new articles, feel free to add your email address at the top right of the page here.  You’ll get email alerts as new articles are released.

Thanks for the read and happy shooting,


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