*Choose the Champion of our semi-annual Photo blog challenge winners!

champions round 2

Alright, we have successfully crowned 6 more, monthly challenge winners, and the time has come to choose your overall favorite.  The winner gets free software from Alien Skin and Topaz Labs, an LM-10 smartphone, selective focus optic from Lensbaby and a brand new, yet to be released TRP camera wrist strap that I’ve been working on.  Please vote for your favorite, tell friends, and remember to visit Mirrorlessons HERE as well to vote there too!  This vote will run for a week, and we will tally the total amount of votes between this poll and the poll at Mirrorlessons with the overall winner receiving all the free stuff and title of our second, semi annual champion.

Thanks as always to everyone who has, and continues to contribute to these monthly themes.  Thanks to Heather and Mat from Mirrorlessons for co-hosting all of these cool challenges with me, and helping promote so many cool photographers through these monthly photographic contests.

These challenges are entirely free to enter, and we’ve created them as a way to both provide motivation to get out and shoot with fun new themes each month, and help showcase much of the awesome photography from all of you guys and gals.  All you need to do is find us on Flickr (TRP HERE and Mirrorlessons HERE) to submit your images to the monthly theme threads.  Because we’ve been able to build up steam with it as time has gone on, we have companies that are excited to sponsor these challenges by offering stuff for our semi-annual giveaways.  

Thank you so much to Alien Skin Software, Topaz Labs Software and Lensbaby for being so awesome.  I’ve had the good fortune of working with these three companies for years doing reviews and beta testing and I strongly stand behind them as companies.  Great folks, great products and while I wish my wrist straps would be a cool enough draw, these challenges are so much better because of their gracious gifting so that we can sweeten the pot.

We have 6 wonderful options from the winners of our 6 previous monthly themes.  View all 6, and choose your favorite in the poll at the end.  In chronological order they are as follows…


September, “Frames”

"Mezzogiorno" by Giovanni Tabbo

“Mezzogiorno” by Giovanni Tabbo

October, “Street”

Conversations on two levels

“Conversation on two levels” by Sami Paju

November, “Minimalism”

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 1.34.27 PM

“Edge” by AnngaPJ

December, “Gadgets”


“Bookmark” by Giorgio Lumaconi

January, “Portrait”

Festive Spirit by Manizkrishnan

“Festive Spirit” by Manizkrishnan

February, “Architecture”


“Kuppel10_24_7” by PommesFritz123

Alright, have at it.  Remember, the winner gets showered with free creative, photographic software from Alien Skin and Topaz Labs, a new selective focus smart phone lens from Lensbaby and a custom built, yet to be released wrist strap by yours truly.  Choose wisely and please feel free to share with anyone you think might like to participate and get involved in our free monthly theme challenges.  Who knows, you may be chosen as a champion for our next semi-annual giveaway…

Stay tuned via the socials: 

Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram . To stay posted on new articles, feel free to add your email address at the top right of the page here.  You’ll get email alerts as new articles are released.

Visit and stay up on all things mirrorless with Heather and Mat over on Mirrorlessons.com and hope to see you in the theme threads soon!  Our current monthly theme running this month is “man vs. nature” so have at it!

Thanks all and happy shooting,


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