*Congratulations to Manizkrishnan for winning our January Flickr Photo Blog Challenge, Portrait! with @Mirrorlessons

Festive Spirit by Manizkrishnan

“Festive Spirit” by Manizkrishnan (see more HERE), our Portrait Challenge Winner!

Congratulations Manizkrishnan!  A beautiful portrait chosen from a very beautiful group of amazing submissions this month.  We are one challenge away from our second semi-annual giveaway vote where Manizkrishnan will be entered against our 5 other monthly winners in a vote to decide our overall favorite image from the last six challenges, and to the overall winner go the spoils of free stuff.

Thank you to everyone who submitted, it was one of my favorite challenges so far.  I love seeing portraits, candid, spontaneous or staged in all their glory and feel it has always been one of my central draws to photography.  Capturing a human story within a singular frame can be a great challenge, and we had a multitude of beautifully executed portraits this month, so I hope that you all enjoyed capturing and submitting your work as much as we did in getting to see it all.

Keep shooting, and stay tuned to find out what this month’s theme will be, as chosen by our winner, Manizkrishnan!

Thanks to Heather and Mat from Mirrorlessons, and join me in wishing them luck in their move!  Here’s to hoping that the relocation will bring excitement and inspiration in this new chapter for you guys.

As always, I’d love to connect via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram so feel free to find me on any or all of those platforms, and to stay posted on new articles, feel free to add your email address at the top right of the page here.  You’ll get email alerts as new articles are released.

Thanks all and happy shooting,



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