*Been waiting for this one. Topaz Clarity on sale!

P1070930Ever since Topaz Clarity came out last year, I’ve fielded inquiry upon inquiry about my thoughts on it, and if I knew when it would possibly go on sale…  Well, come on in for a few of my thoughts, and yes, it’s on sale now through the end of October for 25% off HERE via Topaz Labs (use code “octclarity ” at checkout to get 25% off making the normal $49.99 a paltry $37.50).  If you want to see what Clarity offers, why not try downloading the full, free trial via the link above.  It’s a good one…   after topaz clarity Topaz Clarity, simply put, is a detail and contrast enhancement plugin.  It helps enhance the depth and definition already present in your image file by adding an increased control of the shifts in contrast and traditional edges within your picture. It provides a library of presets, grouped into common categories (Portrait, Landscape, Macro, etc) with different preset effects within those categories.  Of course, you can further modify, tweak and save any preset to your liking.  Very handy for series, or the development of a personal, signature style.  You can go subtle, you can go over the top or you can go anywhere in between.  Click below to see the full screen shot. Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.14.18 PM With an image open in Clarity, you’re able to choose from a grouping of presets which are gathered into themes at the top left.  From there, you can choose a preset, and adjust via the various sliders along the tool bar on the right of the screen.  One great feature that Clarity offers is the ability to mask out the effects within the plugin itself making it an awesome plugin to use with Lightroom or Aperture.  Not needing to use Photoshop, if all you’re looking to do is selectively mask a contrast and sharpening effect into, or out of an image, can help streamline your workflow. before and after topaz clarity Many images can benefit from a little touch of drama, or a slight punch in color and contrast, and for that, Clarity excels.  It is quick, efficient and offers something to enhance most every single image. While I’ve raved about DeNoise, ReMask and Impression all being very well executed plugins, and remarkable tools (and they are), I don’t think I’ve used any of the Topaz plugins as regularly as I use Clarity.  Almost any picture I choose to edit can benefit from a little bump, and Clarity gives me that. Here are a few before and afters: _1040236 (1) _1040236 _1040228 (1) _1040228 IMG_5019_HDR IMG_5019_HDR (1) Toni & Guy Toni & Guy elk 1 elk

For a little bit more fun with Topaz Plugins, check out my Halloween post where I use Clarity and ReMask to get into the spirit of the holiday HERE.

happy halloween


You can always find more software reviews HERE and tutorials HERE on the respective pages up above as well.

Thanks for the read guys and gals.  Give Clarity a free trial if you’ve not yet used it and you can download that free trial via the link below.  If you are impressed, use the code “octclarity” to get 25% off through October 31st on the Topaz website CLICK HERE. Happy Fall everyone! Cheers, Tyson


9 thoughts on “*Been waiting for this one. Topaz Clarity on sale!

  1. Hi Tyson,

    Have you tried Capture One? I’ve always felt it gave me these kinds of results out the box. Whilst I like many of the features and ease of use of Lightroom, I’ve never been a huge fan of the RAW processor, not for everything anyway.


    • Hi Lynrees,

      I’ve not yet tried C1, but at this point would choose it over LR. I own and have used LR, but dislike the cataloging and really dislike the idea that LR may become solely a rental software somewhere down the line, which to me for my personal library is BS. I am very upset that Apple abandoned Aperture as I felt it really did well for the DAM/cataloging, key wording and project management which is exactly what I need from my DAM software, where I can always handle heavy editing in CS6 and my various plugins, etc. When push comes to shove, (essentially with the next camera I decide to buy where the RAW support will not be included in Aperture updates) I will be looking at C1 for sure, but still hold out hope that Photos, while a bit disney, may actually provide a seamless transition to the file management features being abandoned in Aperture while maintaining the ability to tailor the RAW processing profiles… While not realistic perhaps, I am hopeful.

      Thanks for the comment!



  2. I am a big fan of Topaz products…and used in moderation and judiciously will make any image stand out . Clarity is also my favorite and most often used Topaz tool . Yes it is great for bringing out detail…but lately I have found myself using it to adjust my colors . Very quick to adjust hue saturation and luminosity …People if you do not have this one…this is the one to have


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