*Monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenge #4 “Nature”


Hello all and welcome to our 4th monthly open challenge.  The theme, as chosen by last month’s winner, Nuno Quina (visit him here), is “Nature” which should allow for quite a bit of an interpretive spectrum.

As always, this is open to everyone, and it doesn’t matter the gear you’ve used to capture the image, just submit your best and/or favorite image you’ve captured within this theme.  You can submit an older image, but hopefully, part of these monthly challenges is the inspiration to get out and use this theme to spur your creativity.

Each month, Heather, Mat and I choose our favorites from all the submissions and open that up to a vote. The winner of that vote has their image showcased on our respective websites and is entered into our 6 month giveaway vote where we will vote for our overall favorite from the six monthly winners!

Submit your Nature image to these two flickr threads: TRP Photoblography Group and the Mirrorlessons Group.

Happy shooting,


4 thoughts on “*Monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenge #4 “Nature”

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