*Congratulations to Othman Kammah for winning April’s Flickr Photo Blog Contest!


“Strings” by Othman Kammah

Thank you to everyone who has voted, and to all who’ve submitted.  With a tight vote, Othman has won our second monthly Flickr Photo Blog Challenge and will have his image submitted to the winner’s bracket.

Please visit Othman on Flickr HERE, befriend and congratulate him and enjoy his photography.  With each month, our growing network and photographic family expands.  If you’d like to be part of our community, you already are.

Othman will get to choose our next theme so please stay tuned.  Thanks as always to Heather and Mat at Mirrorlessons.com for the coordinated effort and stay tuned on Flickr in both the TRP (here) and ML (here) groups to add submissions to this month’s challenge.

We have decided to do a giveaway after 6 months where we will all vote for our overall favorite from the 6 monthly winners, so you have 4 more chances 🙂

Cheers and happy shooting everyone!


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