*Topaz DeNoise5, updated and on sale for 50% off!

Topaz DeNoise5 On Sale

Hi guys!  Your monthly Topaz deal is here!  Topaz Labs is offering up DeNoise for 50% off.  I have written up a more in depth review on DeNoise 5 before, and feel it is one of the best, and most effective plugins I use.  It’s pretty amazing to see what this software can do for your high ISO images.  Topaz is running this sale through the end of March via Topaz Labs Website HERE.  Just use the code “mardenoise” at checkout to get the discount.  C’mon in to see some before and after examples…

Here is a frame taken with the GX7 at ISO 12,800 before running through Topaz DeNoise5:


And here is the same frame after DeNoise:


Have a look at crops at 100% from the above images (click to see them larger).  First, the before image:


And now, the DeNoise5 version:


While I don’t get the same level of detail that I would if I were able to shoot the same image at say ISO 100, I am continually amazed at how well DeNoise does to not only eliminate noise, but to protect and bring back detail.  Topaz claims that DeNoise can make your ISO 1600 shots look like shots taken at ISO 100, and I have no reason to challenge that, in fact, I’ve found the ability to even get ISO 3200 shots to look remarkably clean with little to no detail loss.  As shown above, with a shot taken at ISO 12,800 even, the end result is clean and usable for many applications.

One really useful and unique slider, especially in the case of this example image, was the “Clean Color” slider (see screen shot below) which eliminated some pretty severe mottling in the reds on the flower petals.  This is one area I’ve found other noise reduction software, or my Digital Asset Management program NR to struggle (Light Room and Aperture are the two I’ve used).  Along with that, the detail recovery and blur reduction sliders offer a wonderful amount of control and individual customization.  Not all noise reacts equally, and I’ve found noise reductions done by camera and lens, don’t necessarily do great at differing rates of focus falloff with varying depth of field coupled with luminosity and color channel gradations.  Often, they do okay, but like so many other things, if you’re able to take the time, addressing different variables result in a better end file.  Add the debanding control to that and DeNoise, for me, is the absolute best noise reduction software I’ve ever used.

topaz denoise 5 sliders screen shot


Here’s another example before and after!  This was shot with the Panasonic Lumix GX7, in RAW at ISO 3200, +0.33ev using the PanaLeica 25mm f/1.4 lens wide open (f/1.4 @ 1/100sec).  The full before and after images followed by 100% crops.  Click any to see larger.

First, BEFORE Topaz DeNoise:

Before Topaz DeNOISE




AFTER Topaz DeNoise:

After Topaz DeNOISE


After 100%



Is a dedicated noise reduction software plugin necessary?  Not all of the time, no.  Most of my NR needs are handled pretty well within my DAM software, but there are situations where it is not only helpful, but truly needed and can make the difference between a usable shot, and one that is not up to snuff for more discerning uses.

The update, from v5 to v5.1 is cosmetic, further enhancing the interface (I’ve not noticed a difference myself) but for those who already have v5, you can re-download the newer version via the link below and install over your current version.  Topaz DeNoise isn’t the fastest plugin, which may grump some out, but this is because it is running very complex noise reduction algorithms while that status bar fills up.  Rest assured that the slight extra wait is well worth it.

You can get DeNoise5 for $40 (normally $80) by going to Topaz Labs Website HERE and using the code “mardenoise” until March 31st, and like always, I’d strongly suggest downloading the trial to see it in action if you’ve not before.  If you do choose to buy it, do it by the end of the month, I haven’t ever seen a 50% off DeNoise specific sale before.

Until next time, happy shooting!


5 thoughts on “*Topaz DeNoise5, updated and on sale for 50% off!

  1. Great news, as you know i love Topaz (thanks to your introduction to it) and just yesterday was grumbling to myself about LR not reducing noise the way i want it to. Perfect timing. Thanks again for the heads up on these, id miss them otherwise. I’ve especially wanted this for a while so ill be getting this one for sure!




    • Sweet Jeff!

      Topaz is really good at continually offering deals, and while I don’t remember seeing a 50% off on DeNoise before, it was only a matter of time before it came back around on the carousel. Now, I’m waiting for Define’s turn. That is the other one that really offers a unique skill set.



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